Jordan Davis 1995-2012.
Gunned down by Michael David Dunn while sitting in an SUV: For Playing Music Too Loud.


Melissa Harris Perry…

If you are a young black man, who you are is threat enough

The police acted the very next day. A man was arrested, charged, and is in custody, being held without bond. So this–the alleged shooting of Jordan Russell Davis by Michael David Dunn, is not that–the shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman.

But in so many other aspects of this case, the parallels are undeniable–another 17-year old African-American boy, shot and killed. The alleged assailant, an older white man, said he felt threatened–although the boy he is accused of shooting was reportedly unarmed. Another claim of self-defense to justify the killing, and in a “Stand Your Ground” state. Another pair of grieving parents, losing a child and seeking justice.

And again, that sense–for those of us who know and love them–that this is no country for young black men.

Which is why this week…

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  1. RIP Jordan Davis…This feels like Amadou Diallo all over again. The Mr. Dunn’s of the world are all too happy to shoot first & ask questions later when it comes to black men. Everything resembles a gun: wallet, phone, soda can; anything except an actual gun! I agree with Melissa Harris Perry and those who emphasize that young black men are HUMAN BEINGS.. Men like Mr. Dunn however make it clear there is no value for black life. They would rather demonize our men to justify their ignorance and hatred.

    It’s time to revisit the Stand Your Ground and gun control laws in this country. The NRA has been hiding behind the 2nd Amendment cash cow for far too long. If they’re not going to assist with solutions (F-them).

    What’s most sad is that my younger brother has been on six missions to Afghanistan to fight for our freedoms and I have to worry more about his life on US soil..smh


    • There wouldn’t be any Dunn’s or Zimmerman’s if we took handguns/assault weapons away from ALL Americans. This may sound harsh but until the killing of Black males stops, caucasian males need to be killed as well. This is my opinion coming from a Black male. Tell me you’d feel any different if all women named Holly were being slaughtered at an alarmingly high rate?

      If America won’t remove handguns & assault weapons from it’s citizens, and states create Stand Your Ground laws designed to kill Black males, I say Black males need to arm themselves for survival sake.


      • I hate to say this but I feel like Civil War 2.0 is afoot. This is what bigots in this country want and I refuse to give them that satisfaction. We’ve worked too hard to succeed in spite of centuries of obstruction and violence towards our people. Racists can’t stand our strength and ability to progress amid their ongoing tactics. They will die not acknowledging our greatness.

        While I don’t condone violence, I am tired of our men continually being exterminated by racist whites who manipulate the law to justify killing us. It’s a sad day in America if we have to arm our young black men with guns over books. However Mr. Juesseppi I must concede that if the government is not going to protect all Americans (especially our people) from gun violence, then we have to protect ourselves.


      • Of course GOPretenders want a civil war, the TeaTardedRepubliCANTS want anything that will make POTUS Obama look bad and cast failure on his Presidency. Every single thing past caucasian Presidents have done with no opposition/obstruction, has been questioned and challenged when POTUS Obama attempts to do those very same things. Debt ceiling, passing NDAA, all his appointments and legislation pending. It’s disgusting and it’s all racially motivated.

        I don’t condone violence but I also don’t condone wholesale slaughter & oppression of Black men either. Shoot back.


  2. I am so glad you posted this. I had not heard about it and It just enhances the picture of the hatred and racism in our country. It is so sad. Why oh, why can’t we all be what we were created to be…equal?


  3. If Dunn was angry about the loud music he could have resorted to other measures such as going elsewhere for gas.His intent was to kill a “BlackMan”.regardless of the age.Let’s see if justice prevails in Florida.(Iam doubtful .)


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