Out of respest for your blog, I won’t type what I am really feeling when it comes to wealthy, greedy, elitist Americans. Great post Ms. Marion, is all I will type.


Price: $125,000

While the Republican Party is “flabbergasted” over President Obama’s proposal to let the Bush tax cuts expire so the wealthy can pay their fair share of taxes as they did during the Clinton presidency — AND FAR LESS THAN DURING FDR’S LEADERSHIP — which created jobs and balanced the books, these greedy specimen called humans are fighting tooth and nail to avoid paying up.

If you knew what they do with their money that is untaxed — AND THE OFFSHORE ACCOUNTS WHERE THEY HIDE IT — you would be outraged and in the streets ready to throw these crooks out of office.

Take a good, long hard look at this toy. Consider the person who will buy and receive this. Consider their mentality and morality and concern over people like me and you who have worked hard all our lives and still struggle to pay the bills and…

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      • That makes two of us, but two of the ONLY bloggers I know who hate to be reblogged, have fixed their blog post so you only get a blank video that runs 10 minutes long if their blog post has video or photos. My solution to that is to copy and past every single photo along with the original video URL….more than one way to skin a jealous envious selfish blogger.

        AND when I do that…they get no mention, or credit or attention from me or my blog. I can be evil when necessary. 😉


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