Good idea Mayor Booker

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Cory Booker, the high-profile mayor of Newark, New Jersey, intends to live on a food-stamp budget for one week to demonstrate how difficult it is to do. I wish him well, I am looking forward to his reaction and report on the experience. I wish that every critic of food stamps and hunger in America would take a food-stamp challenge before uttering any criticism. As I watch the well-fed pundits and politicians on TV, I know that none of them are hungry.

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  1. This guy is too good to be true. I agree that a year would be a more realistic sample, but I give the guy credit for trying to make a point. And besides… he rescues people from burning buildings. If my youngest daughter brought home a guy like this, I’d be so delighted they’d have to chase me down in the street and drag me back home.


    • I say do it for a year. Thats the only way to see the real issues of “entitlements”. In a years time shit happens and you can gauge just what a government check really means to a recipient.


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