Cee Ya, Wouldn’t Wanna Bee Ya!!! Thank you Ms. Kstreet607…..keeping us informed as usual.

The Fifth Column

This is too delightful.  I can hardly compose myself.  Three back to back articles about right-wing hacks and they’re all just plain bad news for the GOP.  However, this one is my absolute favorite of the day:

Apparently lying all day long on Fox News is okay, but getting your election predictions wrong by huge margins, is strictly grounds for the boot on Faux News

Addicting Info

In the continuing, squirming readjustment of the Republican party since the gut punch known as Election 2012, and in a story that’s either completely stunning or pulled from the “why’d it take so long?” vaults, Fox News chief, Roger Ailes, has seen the light and given the boot to crow-eating duo Karl Rove and Dick Morris.

It’s no secret that both Rove and Morris took preposterous punditry to its height during the election – Rove with his infamous post-Ohio “it’s premature!” hissy…

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  1. Watching Rove break down on Fox on election night and Dick Morris concede his Romney “landslide” prediction the next day was priceless. This news is even better. The white castle is crumbling..


    • Wait….I like White Castle burgers…..can we call the caucasian lie factory that is Faux Spews something else Ms. Holly…..please??? Pretty please???
      😉 Good Wednesday to you Ms. Holly.


      • Lol Mr. Jueseppi. I can’t possibly say No when you wink at me. I’ll replace “white castle” with “white lying pundits.”


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