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FromErisai Films…

Reggie Bullock’s short film “A War For Your Soul” is a stirring, inspirational video for today’s generation. Over 10 million internet viewers have watched “A War For Your Soul” in 2 years. The video has garnered praise from mayors, city leaders, youth and civic organizations and almost every major country around the world, sparking dialogue in encouraging adults to play a more active role in educating children.

Popular radio host Michael Baisden said “This is a must see film”.

This video was created to inspire young at-risk African-Americans not to fall prey to some of the problems they face in society. The “Master of Darkness” represents that abstract concept of evil that has the potential to reside in the consciousness of mankind.

The use of the images of Richard Pryor and NAS, were used to show how we have publicly displayed the “N” word over the course…

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  1. I’m an old white woman and I first discovered Barack Obama when he was a Senator. He was on a late night talk show (pre 2008) after that I made a point of following his work. I volunteered for him here in mostly white Oregon while living in a totally redneck county. I was confident he would win the nomination over Hillary Clinton and he of course did. I was nervous that Tuesday night in Nov 2008 but when the clocked ticked just past 8PM he won and my phone kept ringing from friends spreading the good news. At that moment in time I thought at last racism is dying in America! Boy was I ever wrong!


    • Yes, you were wrong but don’t let that bother you Ms. Boyce. Many many caucasian Americans were under the very incorrect impression that America had magically become a much better place for “it’s Blacks”. Sad to say that racist Americans never stopped being racist Americans and won’t ever stop.

      Good loving warm common sense logical thinking Americans, like you, are what will save America from racist Americans. 😉


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