Once again, Ms. Kstreet607 and The Fifth Column is providing us with facts & truth needed by every American.

The Fifth Column

It’s rather difficult to keep up with all the rhetoric about the “fiscal cliff”.  The Week attempts to put it all in to perspective…

The Week

As you wade through the often confusing political posturing over the impending expiration of the Bush tax cuts and the automatic budget “sequester,” consider the following political dynamics that will determine the outcome.

1. President Obama’s swagger. More than just a post-election glow, Obama has actual leverage over Republicans, and he is not going to waste it. Some pundits say that Obama’s newly confident negotiating posture is the result of lessons learned during the first term wrestling over the debt limit and budgets: He could offer the farm for free and Republicans wouldn’t accept it. But Obama was genuinely constrained by the political realities of the time, much more so than he is today. The economy was in a more precarious state; the…

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