Beautiful photos Ms. Barbara.


My pond in Autumn    Photo by Barbara Mattio

My Pond in Autumn.  Avon, Ohio.   Photo by Barbara Mattio

On days like this, you can get depressed or you can fill yourself up with beauty. It isn’t always easy. The branches are bare and the Gardens are empty. Darkness comes so early in the day.The grayness feels unending. What I do is visit the inner landscape which is always bright with color, filled with scents and filled with the love of the Divine.

I turn also to color; happy memories; warm, savory food. I often try to paint but my creativity seldom flows on these days. More’s the pity!  Balance the gray with what is joyful and happy in your life.


I advise reading poetry; dancing around your house to your favorite music. Meditation and chanting is a good counterbalance to gray days. Looking through old photo albums; perhaps learn something new. I also like to stretch and move…

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