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George Zimmerman Thinks He’s Special……

By Jueseppi B.




George Zimmerman, left, arrives at the Seminole County courthouse for a hearing, Tuesday, December 11, 2012. (Joe Burbank, Orlando Sentinel. / December 11, 2012)



And he is special….a special kinda scared, advantaged, wussy caucasian who murdered A Black child.


From The Orlando Sentinel:


George Zimmerman case: Judge denies motion to take him off GPS


Zimmerman is not allowed to leave Seminole County except to visit his attorney’s office in Orange County.


By Jeff Weiner and Arelis R. Hernández, Orlando Sentinel


George Zimmerman must remain on GPS monitoring and stay in Seminole County as he continues to await trial a judge ruled Tuesday, rejecting the second-degree murder defendant‘s latest request for greater freedom.


At a wide-ranging hearing, Circuit Judge Debra Nelson heard argument on an array of issues, including defense requests for greater access to evidence from state and federal investigations into the Feb. 26 shooting of Trayvon Martin.


On the bond issue, the defense argued Zimmerman has been well-behaved: Since his current, $1 million bond was put in place, Zimmerman has not violated its terms, a probation officer testified during the hearing.


But defense attorney Mark O’Mara went beyond that, arguing that the evidence also favors his client’s freedom.


However, prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda argued it’s money and publicity — not safety— that the Zimmerman team is after.


“Isn’t the defendant safer if law enforcement knows exactly where he is?” de la Rionda said. “If there are threats, why is he appearing on national television?”


Why does Zimmerman want to travel? De la Rionda made reference to a recently announced plan to send signed thank-you notes to defense-fund donors. “Maybe it’s for autographs,” he said.


After hearing argument, Nelson denied the defense motion.


In addition to the bond decision, Nelson ruled on a slew of motions. Read this complete article, including the list of motions ruled on by Judge Nelson at The Orlando Sentinel.


I am always surprised at how the defense team of child murderer George Zimmerman, is allowed to try this murder case in the press, on social media and in the minds of racist Americans. Everywhere but the courtroom.



Justice 4 Trayvon.






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  1. Great update glad to see he is not. Getting over easy1. Thanks MR Hack for keeping us aware and helping us. Not forget the ones who are still without justice and still need our voice and our watchful eye! (I still hate commenting from cell uuuggghh)


    • Thank you Ms. Shelley….the important thing is you CAN comment from your cell….cause when you are MIA, you are missed. Keep me updated on your work progress please.


  2. While taking this asshole off the GPS is tempting; it would make it harder for them to find his mutilated body; I guess we better leave him on and at least give our “Justice” system a chance to do it’s job.

    I haven’t forgotten Trayvon. It seems unlikely that I could. Muderers who act with such ruthless and reckless abandon; especially those who pick their victims by race or religion; deserve to remembered until they die.They deserve to be pointed out as examples of hatred and imorality.

    This guy will never get the death penalty.

    Some of us think that is good and some think he should fry. All of us demand his punishment. If it isn’t severe enough; I am sure someone will recognize that and act according to their conscience. What I mean is; people like Cowboy George Zimmerman often don’t do well in the prison setting.

    How could anyone forget the murder of a 14 year old child; whatever his race?
    When race is the reason for the murder; How dare we forget?


    • I only wish George Zimmerman end’s up in the same place Trayvon Marion ended up, on the night of February 26th, 2012. And in the exact same condition. 😉


    • Can’t forget about him, soon will be his 1 year anniversary….the night of the NBA all star game. I am very angry with this obese ass caucasian fuck being free and alive. Forgive my rant.


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