Jesus said for us to feed, clothe and shelter the needy, as he himself would do.

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Some in Washington are now saying that even the poorest among us must pay slightly more in taxes so that they too will share the suffering. That is nonsense. The poorest among us cannot afford proper food, healthcare and shelter as it is without adding to their burden. What does Washington expect the poorest among us to give up? Their shelter, nutritious food or needed medication? There is a recession every few years and it is always, always, the poor who suffer. The well-off have enough to weather the lean years, the poor do not. It is past time to end this boom and bust cycle where the 1% and the politicians do not share the suffering.

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  1. Father give unto all our needs oooh lord and shower your abundant blessings upon us all … I pray thou and thou only … father divine … in the mighty name of Jesus … Amen …


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