This is vitally important as well as too much comedy. Thank you CADESERTVOICE.



Best video ever! This one is great to share with your family and friends that just don’t get it. This is a keeper!🙂



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    • It shall be shared…………on another topic, did you hear the news? Ambassador Rice has withdrawn her name from consideration as Secretary Of State…..I am so pissed I can spit fucking fire.


      • Good news on that Michigan “right to be paid less law”….my fingers are crossed.
        I’m so angry I could hurt something.


      • Hang in there. As with everything else the GOP has done, this will work out in our favor. After attacking these people, Holder is still on the job, Jones went on to a great green job and doing wonders there, Sherrod was vindicated and got a settlement (the icing was that BartFart croaked!), and Rice still has her job and I hear she plans to expand her role.

        On the surface all this looks like a loss, but we’ve been winning where it matters. Something telling…a GOPer said today the GOP is going down in flames. They can’t recover.🙂


      • I think, from the political scuttlebutt, that Ms. Rice may become the head of the NSA, 5 times more powerful than SOS and that position needs no congressional approval, Barack just appoints her.


      • My desire for SOS is Jon Huntsman…he is a diplomat, intelligent, and the ONLY Republican with an ounce of common sense and love of Country.


      • Huntsman is a good suggestion. Hadn’t thought of him. Yes, he has integrity. Now that the GOP is collapsing, he would be a great. I’m not happy with this push for Kerry and Hagel one bit.


      • I dislike Kerry & Hagel, I don’t see either as Obama team players. Besides that Senate seat Kerry has is more important in the Democratic column than Kerry fucking up as SOS. It keeps Scott Brown OUT of politics on a Federal level.


  1. I love this video too. Unfortunately, the blame the poor/middle class/unions, etc. narrative is working on half the country. The more divisive, the richer these fools get. I know God has plans for them but until that time I’m tired of them messing up everyone else’s QOL!


  2. Please forward a copy of this video to Boehner(sp)and his cohorts mainly Republicans in the House of Reps.,Congress.Great video and the truth.


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