Bad News

Today Was A Shitty Day…..

By Jueseppi B.








And the very sad thing is…..America will experience many more days just as shitty as this Friday, December 14th, Twenty Twelve.




America is like that hardheaded child we all know. The one who continues to do what they know will get them in deep trouble with their parents, but just does not give a damn. It’s more important to that hardheaded child to appear like it knows better than the parents.



I don’t really give a damn what any gun advocate has to say, there is no logical, common sense reason for any human being to stupidly use the second amendment as a right to a handgun or an assault rifle. The second amendment was written by men who didn’t even know what the hell a AR-15 assault rifle was, let alone the right to own one.



No Reason At All.



NBC Reports The 3 Weapons Used Today In Killing 20 Children & 8 Adults Were Legally Registered/Purchased By The Shooters Mom Also A Victim. I’ll Bet If You Could Ask Her, That Mom Is Now A Gun Control Advocate.



I wonder how many parents who lost a child today at Sandy Hook Elementary School, are  gun owners & are gun advocates & if they are still against gun control now.



Here’s what has been reported about the shooter, Adam Lanza:



1. He Was 20 Years Old

2. His Mom, Nancy Lanza, Was a Teacher Killed in the Massacre. Nancy is believed to be among the dead. Lanza apparently targeted her kindergarten classroom.



3. His Father, Peter Lanza, Was Found Dead Today at a Newtown Home Registered to a Nancy J. Lanza.


4. His Brother, Ryan Lanza, Was Questioned by Police.


5. Ryan, Not Adam, Was First Widely Reported as the Killer.


6. Another Brother of His Was Found Dead Today in Hoboken.


7. His Girlfriend is Missing.


8. He Traveled to the School Today from New Jersey.



9. He Dressed in All Black.


10. He Wielded 3 Guns, Two Handguns, a Sig Sauer, a Glock and a .223 Caliber Bushmaster Automatic Rifle.



11. Nancy Lanze, Adam’s mother, was found shot dead at their shared home. Apparently murdered before the school massacre.



12. Twenty-eight people were shot dead, including Lanza, his mother, 6 adults and 20 children. Adam Lanza died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.



18 children die in their school’s class room. 2 children die in local hospitals. 6 adults die in their place of employment, that same school. Shooters mother dies in her home, killed by her son, the shooter. Shooter dies in the very school his mother taught her students. Most children killed, were killed in shooter’s mother’s classroom.



All because handguns/assault weapons are readily available to most any American who wants a handgun or an assault weapon.



You can’t register to vote online BUT, you can purchase a handgun and an assault weapon online.



You Can Take Some Action on Your Own To Effect Gun Control Laws. America Needs A Change:


The Brady Campaign


Go to to see how you can help.



Sign a White House Petition

There are a bunch of petitions on the White House site. I chose this one:




Immediately address the issue of gun control through the introduction of legislation in Congress.



President Obama’s statement on Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting






May the angels hold all of these children and the fallen adults. in their wings and carry them on to the arms of The Beloved.








Valentines day roses

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  1. Liberty is to me the right to be myself wisely. And guns are not wise. But this goes far beyond the 2nd amendment. This is about a culture of violence. Too much violence. Thank you for posting Jueseppi. I’m sending out Love.


    • Thank you Ms. Jennifer for being a sensible educated heart warming human being in a time of stupidity. America needs more people exactly like you.


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