She was known to be sick for a few days from a stomach virus that caused her to cancel an overseas trip….thank you for this post Ms. Kstreet607. The Fifth Column is always keeping us informed.

The Fifth Column

Hillary Clinton Faints

I wish Secretary of State Clinton a speedy recovery…

The Huffington Post

Hillary Clinton fainted and had a concussion, the AP reports.

The State Department said an ill Clinton is now recovering at home after the incident, according to the AP.

CBS News’ Margaret Brennen reports Clinton was dehydrated from a stomach bug.

This is a developing story.. Check back for more..

UPDATE: Due to her concussion, Clinton will no longer testify before Congress about the investigation into the deaths of four Americans in the Sept. 11 Benghazi attack. The Hill reports:

Clinton will not testify as scheduled before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said Jodi Seth, a spokeswoman for Chairman John Kerry (D-Mass.).The State Department told Kerry of Clinton’s concussion on Saturday morning, and, when he heard, Kerry insisted that she not attend the hearing.

“Senator Kerry was relieved to hear that the secretary is on the mend…

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  1. The do nothing congressional republicans … simply .. need to pass legislation middle class tax cut and halt and stop production of guns … and stop the nonsensical nonsense of unwarranted investigation of the war zone in Benghazi … After all … they refused to fund the adequate security protection for the 4 Americans that we lost … Enough is enough … they need to allow them to rest peacefully … THEY SHOULD GIVE MRS CLINTON A BREAK TOO … SHE DID EVERYTHING THAT SHE PROBABLY COULD HAVE DONE .. UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES …


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