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Saturday’s Potpourri: Reaction To Tragedy And Our First Lady

By Jueseppi B.




From Mr. Cagle 




The following comments are from my good friend, Mr. Angry Man. By that name alone, you can guess why he & I get along so well.


First on the Ambassador Susan Elizabeth Rice fiasco:


Ooops!; there it is.
That same old two headed monster. Racism and Envy. One red eye and one green.
It is painfully obvious to anyone paying attention that Ambassador Rice would make an excellent Secretary of State. Her record of service; her expertise; her intimate knowledge of foreign policy all say “This is the one”


I’m not sure that spending years in a North Vietnamese Prisoner of War camp qualifies John Kerry for the job. I just don’t see him as the man to fill Hillary’s shoes.


The fact that these Republican assholes continue to try to play the elder statesmen and cast The President in the role of the inexperienced kid in need of advice is just another example of the infuriating lack of respect they continuously show for My President.


From the day he took office some four years ago they have acted this way and worse. They are a shame to this country and their actions are deserving of good Bitch-Slapping. Yes; I am Pissed enough to give it to them myself; on national television.


Of course the reason they didn’t want this perfectly qualified person to get the job is that she is black. There is no other believeable reason. they know their charges against her were totally bogus. They know their attacks regarding Ben-Ghazi bordered on treason; especially considering that they are privy to the inner workings and are aware of the tactics normal to the intelligence community.


Well that’s the Racism head. The Envy? Why; they envy the Large penises of the Black men and the Ambassador would be a constant reminder that they (Racist Republican Fascist Murderers that they are); would never be able to impress her by shaking their tiny penises around the House Chambers as they so love to do. After all; the Ambassador isn’t Sarah Palin. Now SHE might find John Boehner’s Needle Dick a step up from what she is used to; I really can’t say.



Next Angry Man’s wife responds to The President’s remarks to Newton Connecticut:


It never fails to impress my wife how feeling Barack Obama is. You know it impresses me. But my wife’s comments are especially telling and especially true.


I came in from the back yard today to the news about Sandyhook. She said, “You should have seen the President commenting about the shooting; he had tears running down his face as he spoke about it.” I said I wasn’t surprized. She said, “I know but it never ceases to amaze me that he is willing to show his feelings to the public; you can tell he’s sincere. I have never seen a President actually shed tears like he has. Even when 9/11 happened; George W. Bush never showed any real emotion.


What sadness he did show always seemed put on; as though he really didn’t care. But you can see and feel that Obama really cares and really grieves about these people.” I said she was right although I think I remember Bill Clinton showing such emotions a time or two as well, Barack Obama is far and away the most decent, caring president we have ever had. She said, “Yes he is; and he is the only one who openly talks about his children all the time.


He always seems to mention his kids and his wife and how much he loves and cares for them. That really says something good about him to me. Any man who speaks the way he does; cries in public when horrible things happen to Americans and talks about his family as he does; is a good man. he’s not afraid to show his emotions or afraid he will be laughed at or made fun of and that says that he really cares and is really concerned.” I of course agreed with her completely.


Thank You Mr. Angry man & Wife.



You would be surprised at how many idiotic comments get sent to this blog, 99% of which get sent straight to trash because that is precisely what they are. Many attempt to tell me how gun deaths in America are mostly suicide. Now exactly how stupid is that? If guns were banned in America, we’d have less suicides….not really worth banning guns now is it?


If there ever was a case for stupidity, it’s when a gun nut NRA advocate attempts to defend the violent gun deaths in America by saying guns don’t kill people, people kill people……







Now for some photos to ease our sorrow…..From The camera lens of Mr. Mark Wilson/Getty.






















First Lady Michelle Obama reads a Christmas story as her dog Bo sits on her lap at Children’s National Medical Center on December 14th, 2012.













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  1. You are calling for an end to racism? That’s funny! A good place to start would be with you looking in the mirror. Oh sorry, only rich white people can be racist. My bad.


    • Your dumb cracka ass calling me racist is like a meth addict calling cold medicine the cause of their drug addiction. I am a creation of your racist inability to accept diversity. Now go look up the words you’re too stupid to comprehend on Google.


  2. I am not angry. I am sad. Incredibly sad. And I wish more of us would dare to feel that pain, because I believe that it is only when we are willing to put our anger aside and feel that pain these tragedies bring that we will then be wiling to step up and fight to eliminate our society of these weapons and spend the money to help those who need it.


  3. Reblogged this on angrymanspeaks and commented:
    I am reblogging this in a shameless play to reblog my own words. Don’t be surprized if some of my words comeup in another post as I often expand on cpmments to create posts. JB’s words need to be read by as many people as possible. I can’t say that we are 100% in accord with how to control and what controls but we do agree that something needs to be done ; and NOW. I am at that point where I might accept stricter controls if it will stop the killing of our children. I havew always advocated for gun ownwership and I still do; assault weapons have become a real problem as well as handguns; especially concealed handguns. I am not satisfied that you should be able to conceal any weapon legally. But those are details best left for the table; a table that had better sit soon. Thanks to for posting my comment and for the excellent words about gun control. AMS


    • That’s what I like about you, Mark…your honesty about what is going on. I own a gun too for safety. I live in the desert, isolated and alone much of the time. I never liked guns until I retired and became a senior citizen. However, I see no sense in assault rifles and carrying concealed weapons. In the hands of a loose cannon, it’s just a matter of time before they will use it. There’s a reason we have the highest rate of murders by guns over other nations. Every country in the world has its share of homicidal maniacs. We alone provide them with assault rifles.


    • We will be angry for years to come Marion. This is different because 20 children are dead. Does not matter if this 20 year old man child had mental illness or not the fact is he was sane enough to assemble up to 6 weapons, used 3 of them, to massacre 27 people and then himself.

      Mental illness aside, if there were NO guns, he would have not killed 20 children and 7 other adults then himself.


      • I think we deal with them now. The best way is education and you are doing that right now with your blog. Also, getting people into action by demanding Congress to act, signing petitions and joining protest marches when we can. Each of us must “bang the pots and pans” until the noise is deafening and cannot be ignored so others are pulled in to join. Gun control is one piece of the interrelated major problems we have in society. We can tackle all these issues in the same way. We just have to start doing it and be consistent. Thank you for kicking us off, Jueseppi.

        NRA Petition

        Contacting Congress

        DEMAND gun control by calling on Congress and signing petitions.

        DEMAND an end to Corporate power by addressing Citizens United by calling on Congress and signing petitions.

        DEMAND an end to Fox News and Rush Limbaugh spouting lies, inciting racism and hate by calling on Congress and signing petitions.

        DEMAND an end to Wall Street gambling and fraud by calling on Congress and signing petitions.

        DEMAND an end to Bush Tax Cuts and the wealthy getting away with loopholes and hiding their money by calling on Congress and signing petitions.

        DEMAND an end to wars by calling on Congress and signing petitions.

        DEMAND an end to threatening to remove our safety net of social security, medicare and medicaid by calling on Congress and signing petitions.

        DEMAND an end to sending jobs overseas and fighting unions by calling on Congress and signing petitions.

        DEMAND an end to GMO foods and the poisoning of of land, air and water by calling on Congress and signing petitions.

        There is more. All these issues are interrelated in that incestuous soup that is the cancer destroying this nation. We must get to the root of these problems. Gun control? Fine. But if racism is still killing minorities in other ways, that’s only a bandaid for minorities.

        WE THE PEOPLE are responsible for getting the crooks out of office and regulating the greed that allows all this to go on. It’s time for action, not talk. We know what to do.


      • I shared this on FB everywhere I have a group or page, and Twitter as well, excellent comment. Thank you Ms. Marion.


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