What would/could they say that would/could make them appear sane? Thank you Ms. Kstreet607, for this post.

The Fifth Column

David Gregory

Pro-gun rights politicians are wimps when it comes to facing the public with their gun advocacy stance, especially in the aftermath of a horrific event like the Newton massacre.  Yet behind closed doors they accept “campaign contributions” and endorsements from the National Rifle Association (NRA) with no hesitation.  The hypocrisy is astounding…

The Huffington Post

‘Meet The Press’ host David Gregory said that no pro-gun rights senators would agree to go on the show on Sunday.

“We reached out to all 31 pro-gun rights senators in the new Congress to invite them on the program to share their views on the subject this morning,” he said. “We had no takers.”

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) joined the show to discuss a greater need for gun control. She announced that Senate Democrats would intrduce a new bill banning assault weapons on the first day of the new Congress in January.

New York…

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  1. Are we even surprised? These are the people who will hide behind the 2nd Amendment, not compromise on addressing sensible gun control solutions and not value human life unless it’s someone in their immediate family. Our voices need to speak louder than the NRA’s if we want to get something done. Time to keep track of pro-gun politicians and let them know they can also be voted out by US–people tired to seeing too many gun tragedies. #enoughisenough…


    • I’m gonna use your comment to rant for a few moments:

      If Gun Advocate Assholes Wish 2 Bear The Arms The 2nd Amendment Was Written About Get A Flintlock Pistol & A Black Powder Musket. NO Handguns & Assault Rifles.

      More Americans die from guns in 6 months than from 25 yrs of terrorism & Iraq, Afghan wars combined.

      One failed shoe bomb, and we take off our shoes; 31 school shootings since Columbine, and no change in our regulation of guns.

      RepubliCANTS & Gun Nuts say: “If only a teacher had a gun.” One did. She owned several, actually. Her son used them to kill her and 20 children…..7 Adults, including himself.
      So much for the logical common sense behind arming school officials huh?

      Here’s a fact:
      Mental Health Reform Has Jack Shit 2 Do With Gun Control. Guns Kill People. Mental Health Patients Couldn’t Kill Without Guns.

      Mental Health Reform Has Jack Shit 2 Do With Gun Control.Guns Kill People. Mental Health Patients Couldn’t Kill Without Guns.
      Nancy Lanza knew her son was unstable with mental issues & she still had weapons of death in his reach. NO mental health reform stops that.

      Nancy Lanza knew her son was unstable with mental issues & she still had weapons of death in his reach. NO mental health reform stops that.
      IF Nancy Lanza didn’t own a Glock, a Sig Sauer AND a Bushmaster .223, her mentally ill son would not have killed 27 people including her.
      As I said, NO mental health reform will prevent guns from killing innocent people BUT banning handguns & assault rifles WILL.

      See the logic & common sense?

      I Want 2 Own Surface 2 Air Missiles. The 2nd Amendment Gives Me That Right. The Right 2 Bear Arms.

      Ok, I’m done for now. 😉


      • Now that’s what I call a thorough rant! Bravo. I wish we could get you on some of these Tv shows. Or..have you ever thought about your own talk radio show?


      • I’m a bit too raw and I curse too much to be on TV or the radio. I’m the Bernie Mack of bloggers….(in my best Bernie Mack voice)…… “the caucasians folks be scared of me”. Besides I spend all my spare time with this blog. But IF I ever get a radio show, you have to be my co-host. 😉


      • lol. Well they do have the bleep button; it could work! Happy to co-host😉. It’s time for some more real talk anyways.


      • Ok Mr. Jueseppi.. Below are some concept show names for your consideration. I’ve tried to think of themes along the same vein as your blog site, however want you to be comfortable with a brand that would truly define your show🙂. I welcome your additional ideas or perhaps you can hold a “name that show” contest with readers lol? I think it would be great for you to explore a podcast and bring your unique style to the conversation in a more interactive medium. You never know where it could lead!

        JB’s House
        The Lion’s Den- Enter At Your Own Risk
        The World According to JB
        Keepin It Raw
        Facts Matter
        Wisdom & Soul
        Politics & Wine
        The Politics Whisperer
        You Can’t Say That on Podcast
        Hell Froze Over


      • ObamacratsNation….Hell Froze Over…..You Can’t Say That on Podcast…..Politics & Wine.

        Those are my favorites. I also like something along the lines of “A Stupid Free Zone”. I’ll be back home on the weekend and I’ll get started looking into podcast and web radio options.

        Very good work Ms. Holly. 😉


      • I like A Stupid Free Zone. It has a certain flavor to it since there’s so much rediculosness going on. Keep me posted. Ahh I just love teamwork🙂.


  2. These pro gun lifers are a bunch of hippocritts.They believe in prolife but it is okay to use guns illegally to take a life.What a shame.


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