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By Jueseppi B.






Here is the typical dumbass response to gun control issues in America….


“In 2011 there were 323,432 auto related deaths in the US. As I see t the car is a much more deadly offender. Why not outlaw cars? If my math is correct that’s more than ten times the number of gun related deaths. But I guess you don’t care about those people do you. GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE!!!! I have never seen a trigger pull its self. I’m sure OJ didn’t use a gun. I think we should outlaw knives now too.”

Now if this Americans children were massacred by a person with a Glock and a Sig Sauer handgun, AND a Bushmaster .223 assault rifle…think he would then be for gun control laws??


I’ll guess that answer is NO. We just can’t fix stupid.


In America there were 31,349 gun deaths in 2011.



President Obama at Prayer Vigil for Connecticut Shooting Victims: “Newtown, You Are Not Alone


Yesterday, President Obama traveled to Newtown, CT to meet with the families of those who were lost in Friday’s tragic shooting, and to thank first responders for their work.


In the evening, the President spoke at an interfaith vigil for families of the victims, and all families from Sandy Hook Elementary School. He offered the love and prayers of a nation grieving alongside Newtown.


Watch the video of the President at the prayer vigil for the Connecticut shooting victims.






President Barack Obama attends the Sandy Hook interfaith vigil at Newtown High School in Newtown, Conn., Sunday, Dec. 16, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)



President Obama also spoke about the need to engage Americans in efforts to prevent tragedies like the one in Newtown, reiterating that America’s first job is caring for our children:


And by that measure, can we truly say, as a nation, that we are meeting our obligations?  Can we honestly say that we’re doing enough to keep our children — all of them — safe from harm?  Can we claim, as a nation, that we’re all together there, letting them know that they are loved, and teaching them to love in return?  Can we say that we’re truly doing enough to give all the children of this country the chance they deserve to live out their lives in happiness and with purpose?


I’ve been reflecting on this the last few days, and if we’re honest with ourselves, the answer is no.  We’re not doing enough.  And we will have to change.


Since I’ve been President, this is the fourth time we have come together to comfort a grieving community torn apart by a mass shooting.  The fourth time we’ve hugged survivors.  The fourth time we’ve consoled the families of victims.  And in between, there have been an endless series of deadly shootings across the country, almost daily reports of victims, many of them children, in small towns and big cities all across America — victims whose — much of the time, their only fault was being in the wrong place at the wrong time.


We can’t tolerate this anymore.  These tragedies must end.  And to end them, we must change.  We will be told that the causes of such violence are complex, and that is true.  No single law — no set of laws can eliminate evil from the world, or prevent every senseless act of violence in our society.


But that can’t be an excuse for inaction.  Surely, we can do better than this.  If there is even one step we can take to save another child, or another parent, or another town, from the grief that has visited Tucson, and Aurora, and Oak Creek, and Newtown, and communities from Columbine to Blacksburg before that — then surely we have an obligation to try. 



Read President Obama’s full remarks from the vigil.


Watch President Obama’s Friday statement from the Briefing Room.



In Case You Missed It


Weekly Address: Nation Grieves for Those Killed in Tragic Shooting in Newtown, CT
The President says the nation’s thoughts and prayers are with those who lost a loved one during Friday’s tragic shooting in Newtown, CT.


President Obama Speaks on the Shooting in Connecticut 
On Friday, President Obama made a statement from the Briefing Room on the shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, CT.



Today’s Schedule
All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST).
10:15 AM: The President and the Vice President receive the Presidential Daily Briefing.
12:30 PM: The President and the Vice President meet for lunch.
12:30 PM: Briefing by Press Secretary Jay Carney.
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  1. Another good post, Jueseppi. Thanks for reblogging the links. It’s important we educate ourselves on this issue because congress will be voting on a bill and we want to make sure they get it right. They are notorious for doing a bait-and-switch on us. We cannot trust that they will do right by us, Democrats included.


  2. President Barack Obama … comforting marvelous speech last night … May we never grieve again … Amen …

    On Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 12:24 PM, “The ObamaCrat.Com” wrote:

    > ** > Jueseppi B. posted: “By Jueseppi B. Here is the typical dumbass > response to gun control issues in America…. “In 2011 there were 323,432 > auto related deaths in the US. As I see t the car is a much more deadly > offen”


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