We must never forget them. We must never forget why this happened. G.U.N.S. Great words Ms. Taylor. Thank you The Educability of Perch.

The Educability of Perch

The Littlest Fallen Soldiers

On The Front Lines Against The Almighty Gun

By Katrina Taylor

At Sandy Hook Elementary School, 27-year old, Victoria Soto huddled around her class of 16 six and seven year olds as she heard the sounds of gunfire getting closer to her first-grade classroom. After rushing them into a storage closet, she waited.

No one yet knows why 20-year old Adam Lanza decided to storm a school full of children on December 14, 2012 with an assault rifle and 2 semi automatic pistols. It would have been an impossibility for Vicki Soto, her colleagues and the twenty little ones in their care to imagine as they tended to their daily tasks. They will never understand why their lives were cut short too soon.

Yet, when faced with life or death, Vicki didn’t think twice before placing herself between her kids and the gunman before he gunned…

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  1. It’s very disheartening to see a surge in gun sales following this tragedy; the bushmaster rifle in particular is sold out on some web sites. Have we lost our damn minds? I swear the level of paranoia and selfishness is beyond me. I refuse for us to lose our humanity… On a positive note, I’m encouraged by those demanding action and those who have taken the pledge of 26 acts of kindness in honor of the victims. Their deaths will not go in vein. We’ve got work to do ladies and gentleman.


      • Amen. They won’t learn until something happens to a loved one. Why is everything so complicated. How did we get like this?


      • You’d say this comment is harsh, maybe even wrong, but I wish deep in my soul that every human who opens their mouth to defend gun ownership, were to lose a child to the exact same gun death those 28 people experienced in Newtown, Connecticut.

        Sometimes, the only way to comprehend something is to experience that something first hand.

        After feeling those emotions of your child dying from senseless actions such as gun violence, then come talk to me about your 2nd amendment right to bear arms.


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