Any change to Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare is unacceptable to me, and millions of Americans who use these assistance programs. I do not agree with poor and elderly and disadvantaged Americans suffering so wealthy rich greedy asshole can continue to build car elevators in their mansions.

That said, I will not jump the gun on anything about POTUS Obama based on media reports, the same media who told us the 2012 Presidential election was “too close to call”.

It was a landslide.

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If the Bush era tax cuts are reversed only for those earning over $400,000 or for those earning more than $1,000,000 at the expense of recipients of Social Security, I hope that at least some of those earning more than $250,000 and less than $400,000 or whatever the final number happens to be, will feel some guilt at retaining their tax breaks. The current way of calculating Social Security’s annual cost of living adjustment is grossly inadequate. To reduce that amount on a technicality by using a chained CPI is an insult and an embarrassment. I have read that President Obama may agree to it as the least bad compromise to be had. If true, I hope that the 2014 election will change Congress enough to allow a more equitable calculation of future Social Security cost of living adjustments.

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