Excellent post Mashed Potato Bulletin. Great information explaining why we have this mess every few years….and during Barack Hussein Obama’s Presidency, every few months it seems.

Mashed Potato Bulletin

Washington Post Factchecker:

GW Bush_cropWe’ve noted this history before, but many people have forgotten it. Given that the dispute over whether to extend all of the Bush tax cuts has now led the nation to the edge of the “fiscal cliff,” let’s take a trip back in time to recall why the Bush tax cuts were enacted in the first place. (The Fact Checker covered passage of the Bush tax cuts as an economic policy reporter for The Washington Post.)

Oddly, a key reason the tax cut became reality was because of a fear the United States soon would have zero debt.

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  1. The Bush tax cut was simply a give away to the wealthy … since .. he was dumb enough and couldn’t count .. Now .. the Gop simply want the millionaires and billionaires to continue to pay just 10-14 percent in taxes …


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