Plan “B” as in TeaTardedRepubliCANTS sold America a boat load of “B”ull feces.

Bell Book Candle

Boehner’s Plan B came with a lot of baggage and was a very bad bill. But he and the media concentrated on the tax increase threshold mainly, and the amount of the rate increase secondarily. Few if any reported on the balance of Plan B, leaving the capital gains and the estate taxes unchanged and slashing many parts of the safety net. It was the old distract with fancy footwork while we pass the real meat of the plan, what we really care about. It was such a bad bill that it stood no chance of passage, even by the GOP in the House of Representatives.

The likely result of Plan B’s failure is that John Boehner will not be re-elected Speaker in 2013 when we have a new Congress, hopefully a better one, one more responsive to the will of the electorate. I doubt that the GOP will…

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