Black Genocide Movement

If I Could Be Reincarnated, I’d Return As A Camera….

By Jueseppi B.







These photos are courtesy of Ms. Holly Brixton. Thank you Ms. Holly.


A1V5ntrCUAE7tmkBo rides in Air Force One….not on the car roof.







A9hdadTCIAAEHuiWonder how the GOPretenders can spin this?







A-qsTRMCQAAfRhxExactly….don’t pay ’em enough to live on BUT arm them to kill intruders armed with assault weapons.




A9UHJznCEAAiwdwOne of my all time favorite poses of the First Couple.




A98oGdKCcAA6W7sYeah, thats right, It’s still MY house and my job to care for America. I’m The Commander/Comforter In Chief.




A7544poCUAARaUNI may be President Of The United States Of America….but I know how to have fun!




A-nu_3bCQAAiAu_Kids Love Barack Hussein Obama




A-SjD6iCAAEaC9aThe children of Sandy Hook families.







Ay1tJZlCEAAtvI3The First Lady, Michelle Lavaughn Obama, attending a reception in London, England.




Ay3HaQ2CUAAUrObNot a single word is needed.









AyybLvRCEAAn4SNVisiting survivors of Aurora Theater massacre.








proxyNot all Republicans are ignorant.








AyEWTUyCEAIkhC5Barack Hussein Obama Is The ONE!



Thank you so much for these Ms. Holly Brixton.

















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