Black Genocide Movement

Key And Peele: POTUS Barack Obama And Anger Management Luther

By Jueseppi B.







Obama’s Anger Translator – The 47%


Published on Sep 20, 2012

Obama and his Anger Translator Luther react to leaked footage of a private Mitt Romney fundraiser.







Key & Peele: Obama in Therapy


Uploaded on Jan 30, 2012

When Obama meets with his therapist, his anger translator Luther expresses the president’s feelings about Michelle and his Republican adversaries.








Key & Peele: Obama Loses His S**T


Uploaded on Jan 11, 2012

When Obama addresses his fellow Americans, his anger translator Luther helps him get his real message across.








Key & Peele: Obama Raps


Uploaded on Feb 7, 2012

President Obama schools everyone when he shows up at a rap battle.








Key & Peele: Obama Teaches Malia to Drive


Published on Mar 20, 2012

President Obama’s daughter Malia runs a stop sign while learning to drive.











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