To ALL Defenders Of The Second Amendment….Hear ye….Hear Ye…..

By Jueseppi B.






Don’t worry, I’m not about to post the actual 2nd amendment because you knuckleheads wouldn’t comprehend the wording and meaning of the document anyway.


In case you have never read what you defend……

The Second Amendment Explained: 2nd Amendment Facts Gun Nuts Overlook.


Now for some common sense and logic……


The 2nd amendment was written in Seventeen Ninety One (1791). This is Twenty Thirteen (2013). If you defend a document written in 1791 as valid in 2013…..then would you eat the food of 1791? Wear the fashions of 1791? Treat the illnesses of 2013 as you would in 1791? Would you live in 2013 as you would live in 1791?


If you defend a document written in 1791 as the rule of the day in 2013, you indeed ARE living in 1791.


For you deaf, blind and dumbass idiotic morons high on stupidity who attempt to argue that the Supreme Court ruled on the 2nd amendment many times, the latest being  “Heller vs D.C.”….I have only to offer this: The Supreme Court has been dead wrong many times, the latest being Citizens United and their ruling that “corporations are people too”. Remember that one?


The Supreme Court is no longer a justice system ruled by law but is ruled by dollars, cash, the benjamins. Gun manufacturers and ammunition makers are a multi-billion dollar industry. Yes Louise, there is a Santa Claus, and it’s called The N.R.A.


The right to bear arms under the 2nd amendment written in 1791 applies to flintlock pistols and black powder muskets. There were not one semi automatic handgun with a 17 shot clip or a 100 round assault drum not to mention any assault rifles…..in 1791. So explain to me just how in the holy hell the 2nd amendment gives NRA sucking gun nuts the right to bear THOSE modern day arms?


AND, if I comprehend the 2nd amendment correctly, you have the right to bear those 1791 type weapons to form a well regulated militia ONLY. Not to make up for lack of a sizable penis, or shooting animals or humans. I honor life, not a document written in 1791 by caucasian men interested in saving the democracy of that time.

It is 2013, and a document written in 1791, like everything else in life, needs to be UPDATED.


Here is exactly how to start……Sign The Petition




Create the 28th Amendment: Gun Ownership is a Privilege


We the undersigned petition the White House to forward legislation for:


The 28th Amendment – Clarification of Firearm Access (CFA28)


Firearm ownership is a privilege granted to citizens who complete and maintain training for the handling of firearms and keep liability insurance up to date on their weapons cache.


Training shall be set by the Federal Government.


Congress is to enact legislation to insure any citizen of sound mind and body may have access to firearms for hunting, sport, and personal protection.







There is much work left to do. This petition is only a start. This is a more comprehensive follow up to this petition as offered by a reader to this blog in the blog’s comment section, Mr. Ben Goodman:


Guns in schools is a terrible idea, but there are few practical suggestions about what else would prevent or reduce the carnage in the near future. Having an adequate mental health system is a long way down the road, thanks to the GOP starting with Reagan’s cuts as governor in California. The mentally ill and criminals will obtain weapons regardless of the laws, but limiting sales to dealers who do background checks would help.


Practical suggestions:

One suggestion would be to require gun manufacturers to fire and store sample bullets for every weapon produced, and upload images of each bullet to a public website for use in comparing striations with bullets obtained from a crime scene. Knowing that the bullets will be easily traced to the weapon would act as a deterrent.


The most effective solution will be to use existing technology to increase the safety of weapons. We need to educate the public, and particularly our anti-science politicians, not to mention the NRA, regarding the potential sea-changing capability of existing technology. The cost of taking advantage of such technology would be minimal and should be subsidized if necessary.


Tracking: Objections to gun registration can be bypassed by implementation of an independent tracking system. Owners would be required to attach a simple, inexpensive registered GPS tracking device to every weapon, which could only be legally deactivated or removed from the weapon on the owner’s property. The tracking device would be registered to the owner, and could be voluntarily registered to the weapon (by serial number) as well. Possession of a weapon off the owner’s property without a working registered tracking device would carry severe penalties.


Video: Ideal security can be achieved by also requiring that two, pea-sized, inexpensive wireless cameras be attached to each weapon, one pointed at the target, and one pointed at the user’s face, sending real-time video to a public website. An optional postage-stamp size screen showing the target camera’s video could be added to the weapon to increase accuracy and safety. This may sound far-fetched, but the technology exists.


People also have deep concerns about corruption in law enforcement. GPS tracking and real-time video should be required for all law enforcement and newly manufactured weapons within one year, and all existing weapons within two years. The requirement to submit striation images for all existing weapons would follow.


To avoid GPS and video transmissions being used by criminals to their advantage, encrypted transmission by law enforcement would be allowed during legal engagement for public decryption immediately after the engagement.


Mr Goodman continues:


The focus on limitations on types of weapons and size of clips will stall legislation. The mentality of many gun advocates is premised on concerns about their capability to defend against heavily-armed opponents in instances of home invasion or the collapse of civilization. The fact that such events are unlikely is not a factor in their thinking. Their goal is to be better armed with heavier weapons and bigger clips, and limitations on achieving this goal will be a deal breaker for them.


Requiring owners to have a working, registered GPS tracking device attached to every weapon when not on the owner’s property would avoid knee-jerk objections to registering weapons with the government or limitations on defensive capability, and would provide a solution that can be applied to all existing weapons instead of only to newly manufactured weapons.


While Mr. Goodman’s suggestions are good and once again just a start…..My suggestion is the end result to save lives in America’s shopping malls, theaters, places of worship, places of employment, schools where we send our children to be educated in a safe environment:


My solution is even simpler, stop the sale, manufacture, possession and firing of any handgun and assault weapon for, by and to any American citizen NOT directly connected to all legitimate law enforcement agencies. To break this law would be a capital crime punishable by death, depending on the seriousness of the infraction. Lesser violations would mean long intense prison time. Make room in prisons by releasing all marijuana related sentences currently imposed.


My final suggestion is borrowed for Mr. Chris Rock: price every single bullet, cartridge, shell and all ammunition designate, at a price starting at $5000 a piece. The higher the caliber, the higher the selling price. Not many would load a 100 round assault drum if the ammo cost $5000, or more, a shell.


You want to get serious about saving American lives, get serious about a solution. ;-)


The NRA cares not about the 2nd amendment right to bear arms, which was written in 1791, for the express purpose of forming a well regulated militia, which we have had for centuries in the form of The Armed Services (Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, National Guard) and armed Law Enforcement (CIA, FBI, ICE, Border Patrol, Homeland Security, NSA, MIB, NORAD & Forrest Servive).


Ok, I’m done giving a history lesson on the 2nd amendment and how the antiquated document relates to common sense and logical thinking.


Lastly, the document, the 2nd amendment, was written by men who had no clue about weaponry for the 22nd century. How could they? That bit of common sense shoots down (pun intended) any argument against updating the much loved 2nd amendment.


If only Americans fought as hard to defend EVERY SINGLE WORD OF THE United States Constitution, as they fight for this ONE amendment, America would truly be a free nation.



Some very interesting reading: Hat Tip/Shout Out to Ms. cadesertvoice


Military assault rifles “were created to spray the enemy… because it was ineffective to assume young soldiers could become marksmen…”



Doonesbury: “There’s no future for angry, straight, white, well-armed, evangelical men”



Celebrating the Prince of Peace in the Land of Guns …a letter from Michael Moore


While Moore has been critical of Obama, he still supports him. He offers 3 main reasons why America is more violent than other countries: Poverty, Fear/Racism, “Me” Society. I fully agree with him on that. Gun control will greatly reduce killings, but we will still have a significant amount of them until we address these issues.


Thank you Ms. cadesertvoice







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  1. You are a socialistic liberal piece of shit! Your taking guns away from people who abide by laws.your view on 1791 vs 2013 is not valid. for the right to bear arms is intended for people to effectively arm themselves for protection against people like you! You are honestly lacking mental stability and need to get your head out of the dark hole it is in and understand guns act as what they are manipulated to do Sri banning guns will solve nothing except make it harder to protect yourself


    • All you typed is conjecture, emotion and confusion brought on by your tiny penis lacking the ability to allow blood flow from your tiny penis to your brain. Facts I typed in this post, well they simply won’t be altered by your need to prove your lack of manhood by owning a gun, which I have been trained to take away from you in 3.7 seconds and deposit up your waaaaay to restrictive rectum.

      Have a wonderfully joyous, healthy & Happy New Year Mr. Gutierrez…Oh by the way….show me your muthafuckin paper wetback.😉

      Come back when you think of a retort…..Google retort if need be.


      • HUGE APPLAUSE jueseppi on the intelligence and soulfulness of your response to such LOW INFORMATION folks! i experienced a similar battle in cyber space hours ago with a self-proclaimed, self-loathing “christian” completely non-tolerant of varying spiritual perspectives. kindda wish i had added a little more soulful-spice to my response as you’ve done here. thumbsWaaayUp! ;~)


      • Thank you Ms. capricornrising….I very much appreciate that. Most times, I’d say 89% of the time, I just send garbage like Mr. Gutierrez, straight to the garbage can, but sometimes I feel like using the hatred and stupidity against the idiots. That usually works because they never return to reply or “retort”. 😉

        I am so thrilled to have met you. A nice chance meeting.


      • the thrill’s all mine jueseppi. i adore your taste in music following it like the pied piper into this illustrious room where there’s so much to explore… and i adore your solemn oath to lend our Main Man 500% of your support!


      • You should join Namasté Island™

        It’s a music group I started in 2009, a small select group of people and it’s on an Island….and no talk of politics or current events connected to drama is allowed. Thats the only rule, it’s music, books, poetry and artwork allowed only. BUT mostly Island family just post music, of any genre.


      • … sounds enchanting… think i’ll head over and join now. thank you for the invitation… namaste dear jueseppi.


  2. The “founding fathers” has taken on a religious aspect. Kinda like Abraham, Isaac and sons. Likewise the Constitution has taken on a holy aspect. This is going to be quite a struggle. The bullet tax is a good idea!


      • I mean by any means necessary. Boycotting, protesting in the streets, letter writing campaigns, phone calls to congress, marching in the streets….we are 307 million strong. We can affect change if we desire.


      • Boycott companies that deal with the NRA, boycott places of business that deal with gun manufacturers. Boycott sponsors of gun shows, dealers and gun stores like walmart, dicks sports etc. Rallies and occupy movement type events.


  3. The 2nd Amendment was created to protect ourselves from would be tyrants, like you and Obama, and intruders. I bought my wife a Glock 9mm for Christmas and she loves it. There are plenty of countries that will be happy to ban you from owning weapons if you care to move there. The Soviet Union and China both leap to mind. Giving up your rights to obtain a bogus security has never worked. As to the age of the document, the Bible, Torah and many other outstanding books are even older. Would you discard them too? Plato? Socrates?


    • At first I was gonna send this garbage right to the trash but then I said….”why not allow this jack’s ass to make himself look just as dumbass as he is”. So there you go, ignorant, uneducated fuckhead. You are now officially viewed as the retard you are. Google retard.😉

      And don’t ever attempt to tell a grown ass man what to do before you get your young punk ass whooped Chicago style. BOY


      • Hey asshole….I am free to say what I want because I fuckin served 9 years in the U.S. Army Rangers while you were sucking your mother’s titty. Go get fucked and get you some business.

        You first need a mind in order to surf….. 😉


  4. “because you knuckleheads wouldn’t comprehend the wording and meaning of the document anyway…” “In case you have never read what you defend……” you know us all too well jueseppi yet insist on loving and teaching us anyway. THANK YOU good & kind man.


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