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Ms. Karen Myers: What Is The Dumbest Thing A Republican Has Ever Done?

By Jueseppi B.







This post comes from the mind of Ms. Karen Myers


What is the dumbest thing a Republican has ever done?



So hard to choose. Hmmm. Let’s see…


•They were wrong that Iraq had WMD‘s.



•They were wrong about Saddam Hussein having an alliance with Al Qaeda.


•They were wrong about our being “greeted as liberators” in Iraq.


•They were wrong about their actions increasing terrorist recruitment.


•They were wrong about the effectiveness of torture in gaining accurate information.


•They were wrong about the war being paid for by Iraqi oil.


•They were wrong about the Chapter 11 remedy for our auto industry and the Chrysler bailout.


•They were wrong about the existence of global warming.


•They were wrong about the effects of failing to raise the debt ceiling which caused our national credit rating to be     downgraded for the first time in U.S. history.


•They were wrong about the Bush Tax Cuts creating jobs now for twelve years running.


•They were wrong about “trickle down” and now, themselves, use it as a derisive term.


•They were wrong to deregulate energy trading allowing futures trading to affect gas prices.


•They are wrong that the poor share the benefits of tax cuts for the rich.


•They are wrong that I am waging class warfare when I notice tax unfairness and inequality. 


•They are wrong that the economic problems in this country were created by teachers, firefighters and police.


•They are wrong to say public and civic investment is “socialism”.


•They are wrong to increase military spending further, beyond the rest of the world combined.


•They are wrong about “States Rights“. The whole of our country is far greater than the sum of it’s parts.


•They are wrong that we should not invest in infrastructure here at home.


•They are wrong that we should not invest in schools and in higher education.


•They are wrong to divert funding away from renewable energy.


•They are wrong in saying that financial regulation is “big government” or “socialism”.


•They are wrong that privatization is cheaper than public management. It NEVER is.


•They are wrong that my government cannot do great things. It has and it can again.


•They are wrong that being gay is a choice.


•They are wrong that gay couples should not enter into a committed marriage.


•They are wrong that those born gay cannot raise children.


•They are wrong that gays wish to indoctrinate people.

•They are wrong about teaching abstinence.


•They are wrong about the “perils” of a liberal arts education.


•They are wrong about the intent of the 2nd Amendment.


•They are wrong about the separation of church and state.


•They are wrong about what it is to be “Christian”, or Christ like. 


•They are wrong about money being equal to voice in a democracy.


•They are wrong about corporate person-hood.


•They are wrong about zygotic person-hood.


•They are wrong about birth control.


•They are wrong to allow anonymous campaign donations.


•They are wrong about the cause of global warming.


•They are wrong that Fox News is fair and balanced.


•They are wrong about “job creators”.


•They are wrong about Ayn Rand.


•They are wrong about the impact of “welfare queens”.


•They are wrong about our economic history.


•They are wrong about voter fraud.


•They are wrong to appoint “emergency managers”.


•They are wrong to dismantle worker’s unions.


•They are wrong to cut jobs in the public sector in a recession.


•They are wrong to force-teach “creation science”.


•They are wrong about “school vouchers”.


•They are wrong to tax investment less than labor.


•They are wrong that energy independence can be achieved with carbon.


•They are wrong that we are not all inter-related.


•They are wrong to be so adamantly anti civic.


•They are wrong that government’s first obligation is to capital…Instead of its citizens.


•They are wrong to vote against their own best interests.


•They are wrong to call Social Security, Medicare and Unemployment Insurance “Entitlements”.


•They are wrong about us having a spending problem…We “had” a spending problem, a big one. Now we have a revenue problem.


It’s so hard to narrow it down to just one…

Share this list everywhere and anywhere possible whenever you can. Keep getting the TRUTH out!



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    • Cut the defense budget, cut out paying former Senators & Representatives for life, reduce Senator/Representative salaries, reduce ALL budgets for ALL legislative committees, reduce ALL Washington D.C. government elected officials “perks” budgets, The Senate/House Of Reps should be paid for the days they are actually IN D.C. working, not pay them for being out of session or on the many breaks they give themselves.

      Tax any tax exempt organization working in ANY political fashion, and tax all hate groups that now have tax exempt status, such as Westboro Baptist Church and The NRA.

      That is what I would propose to lower our deficit and remove stupidity from our government. 😉


    • There are a couple of good old fashioned sensible Republicans….Jon Huntsman comes to mind….but for the most part, they are a;; stupid greedy asslickers for the Koch Brothers and A.L.E.C. corporations.


  1. ….. And they were dead wrong about everything that America represent and stand for … Because … they are just so ignorant … hateful … racist … and envious … of anything and everything that represent progress …
    ….. And that is so very “UN-AMERICAN” …


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