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Black History 360*

SchomburgWith the appointment of Tim Scott to the Senate to fill the seat after Jim DeMint resigned to accept an appointment as Director of the arch-conservative Heritage Institute, a Washington think tank, Tim Scott’s House seat will be filled by a March special election. Scott, an African-American, becomes SC’s first black senator. His House seat was once held by Rev. Richard H. Cain, an AME pastor at Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church, elected during Reconstruction.

Former SC governor, Mark Sanford, who also held the seat (and slept in his office!) has promised not to run if his ex-wife, Jenny Sanford gets in the race. (They divorced when Stanford to Brasil to carry on an extra-martial affair while he was supposedly hiking the Appalachian Trail!) But what we are witnessing in South Carolina is a sea-change, instructive as a forewarning to the rest of America.

From Cole Blease, who in the 1890s…

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  1. We shouldn’t worry about Tim Scott … I am aware of him … He can only be a “shaft before the wind” … One on one with him … He cannot win … I am positive … Relax … God is in control …


    • I never leave things in God’s hands. I work to control my own destiny. I work to control America’s destiny because God gave me intelligence, common sense & logic to work for what is right. 😉


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