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Django Unchained: A Film Goer’s Take On The Tarantino Classic

By CADESERTVOICE, A Guest Writer & Movie Goer.







The following views & opinions are those of CADESERTVOICE….AND ME.


cadesertvoice Submitted on 2013/01/04 at 22:29


“I just walked in the door after seeing the movie. I highly recommend it. I will be buying the dvd when it comes out so I can see it whenever I want to. I appreciate your assessment…it’s right on target.


The word nigger was appropriate and the over play on the word was intentional because that’s all they called slaves back in the day…nigger this and nigger that. Fetch me some water, nigger. All the way through to today, the word nigger is still used in white circles. Yeah, you better believe that because it’s true. And the way blacks are STILL being treated says if they aren’t saying it, they’re thinking it. But as you said, Jueseppi, it’s only a word.


And I am more concerned about the racism still going on, more blacks in prison than whites for petty crimes in comparison, difficulty getting a job, inability to get loans, and getting loans at higher rates of interest. There’s a modern day slavery going on and it’s in high gear. On and on it goes.


While this was fiction, art imitates life. This was the first movie to show in this way the brutal whipping of slaves, dogs eating slaves, throwing slaves in holes for punishment like animals, cutting off slave penises, burning slaves like cattle, letting them fight to the brutal kill like pit bulls, and uncle toms (played perfectly by Samuel L.).


That is the message that should stay with viewers more than anything else: the gross, ungodly, horrendous horrors endured by the slaves for hundreds of years. I’ve seen whites laugh at blacks for fear of water and dogs. You saw why blacks are afraid of dogs. Did you know whites fed black babies to alligators to lure the gators on land so they could kill them for their skins?


Tarantino’s brilliant movie did what Tim Wise and many authorities on racism could not do: he showed in the most shocking fashion what slavery and racism has done to African Americans and brings to mind the dynamics of fears, hate, anger and psychological trauma that has been done to these people and the nation. When you consider that racism is alive and thriving today, it’s as if slavery never went away and the wounds have never healed.


It also shows the legacy of lust for blood, domination, cruelty, power and more in certain whites, and how that filters throughout society and molds a consciousness from the very rich at the top, to the poorest of poor at the bottom. Our society today STILL is affected by that sick consciousness, and we see it played out every single day in politics, media, employers, family, churches, everywhere. When Django blew up that house of horrors at the end of the movie, I could not help but wish we could do the same with controlling faction of this nation.


As I walked out of the theater tonight, I listened to hear what viewers were thinking. One white man told his family, “I’ll never seen another Tarantino movie again. Too much blood for me!”


I could only wonder how many westerns he’s seen over the years with Indians getting killed, how many Clint Eastwood and Bruce Willis movies he’s seen and sat through all the blood and killing.


This movie’s time has come.”


Thank you CADESERTVOICE for your honest assessment of Django Unchained, and how it relates to America’s racist ideology today.


This sentence from your comment says it all for me….”As I walked out of the theater tonight, I listened to hear what viewers were thinking. One white man told his family, “I’ll never seen another Tarantino movie again. Too much blood for me!”


This caucasian is actually saying the movie shamed his racist ass into facing his own racist beliefs head on, he was forced to look into the mirror of self hatred and acknowledge his very own deep seated fears of evil wrong doing by his race and culture, against  fellow human beings of the human race. He looked into the abyss of his soul & heart and hated what he saw.


I too saw the movie this afternoon….I’m a matinée man, films today just cost way too much to go see them after the sun goes down.


You are absofuckinlutely correct CADESERTVOICE…Django Unchained is a film whose time has come.


Quentin Tarantino had the balls to make Django Unchained, Thank you Mr. Tarantino.


Spike Lee had the balls to criticize Django Unchained.













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  1. Thank you Jueseppi and Cadesertvoice for your reviews of this movie. I have always loved Tarantino movies and the line up in this one has me waiting with breath held for it to come out on DVD so I can watch it in the comfort of my home (don’t have the patience for theaters).

    But my dearly beloved husband wants to see it at the theater so I might make him a trade. This one for Les Miserable.


    • Both movies are spectacular films. I too dislike movie theaters but…the sound quality and screen size trump what I have at hoe, even with a nice sound system and a large screen. Take a day to see both, back to back….with your husband. Them let ,e know what you thought of both films. 😉


  2. I’m honored you would post my comment, Jueseppi. Thank you! I agree and you called it on the white male’s thinking about looking in the mirror. He has no problem seeing Indians blown away in movie after movie stretching almost 100 years — you KNOW he watched a lot of them — but is sickened by seeing his own kind blown away in a fictitious movie. My how the stomach turns.

    I get the senior discount and you best believe I ask for it.😉


  3. What happen to just if a movie is good.I love
    Quentin movies. Everyone wants to make some kind of statement I would like to get entertain once in a while I don’t need a history lesson all the time. Spike has had maybe about 3 goood movies Malcolm, Four little girls, Do the right thing. He has that old Negro syndrome in jungle fever that black Wesley was all over that white woman but you will never see that white man on top of a black woman


    • Spike Lee is an old jealous has been and his followers can attest to the fact he has no talented concepts left when it comes to movie ideas. He lost my support when he started tweeting how his latest film was more important than going back to his home state to assist with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. He is a joke of the worst type, like Tavis Smiley & Cornell West.

      As for Django Unchained, it was just as you said, good entertainment. I don’t get my Black History from movies or producers/directors. Thank you Ms. Constance for your comments.


    • Fuck you and spike lee…I am an equal opportunity hater, gender means nothing. Being blocked by a punk ass pussy like spike, that I take as an honor. I hate dumbass stupid people period, male or female, now what?

      If my razor sharp memory serves me right, I blocked spike’s pussy ass for his remarks about the Hurricane Sandy victims and his priorities in making a movie over returning to his home state to assist in anyway he could.


    • Caroline, you are a worthless piece of turtle feces…but please continue to my blog as often as you desire, and you’re idiotic comments are always welcome but understand, I will never sleep with you. Your type of hateful, contemptible, ignorant & soulless woman goes against my every principal. This is a blog, not a dating site, try Christian Mingle, or EHarmony if you are looking for sexual satisfaction.

      I know you have allowed yourself to become obsessed with me but I’m not interested in doing those sexual things you suggest we do together. Now have a wonderful weekend, and please, stop with all your sexual ideas for you and I. 😉

      This has been fun but I must keep this relationship between us strictly business…..perhaps Mr. Spike Lee is interested? 🙂


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