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Ms. Margarita Mercure Hibbs: Danny And The Ryan Plan

By Jueseppi B.






The Path to Prosperity: Restoring America’s Promise was the Republican Party‘s budget proposal for the United States federal government in the fiscal year 2012. It was succeeded in March 2012 by The Path to Prosperity: A Blueprint for American Renewal, the Republican budget proposal for 2013. Representative Paul Ryan, Chairman of the House Budget Committee, played a prominent public role in drafting and promoting both The Path to Prosperity proposals, and they are therefore often referred to as the Ryan budget, Ryan plan, Ryan proposal, etc.


The plans stand in contrast to the 2012 and 2013 budget proposals, outlined by President Barack Obama and the Congressional Progressive Caucus.


The 2012 Republican proposal was formalized and passed by the House of Representatives on Friday, April 15, 2011 by a vote of 235 to 193, largely along party lines. No Democrats voted in favor of the bill, and only four Republicans voted against it: Walter B. Jones, Jr.David McKinleyRon Paul and Denny Rehberg. A month later, the Senate voted against the budget by a vote of 57–40.


The 2013 proposal provides workers currently under the age of 55 (beginning in 2023) a choice of private plans competing alongside the traditional fee for service option on a newly created Medicare Exchange. Medicare would provide a premium payment to either pay for or offset the premium of the plan chosen by the senior. This was similar to a plan developed with Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, but different enough so that the Democrat opposed it. To secure Medicaid benefits, the budget proposed converting the federal share of Medicaid spending into a block grant indexed for inflation and population growth. The 2013 proposal also caps non-defense discretionary federal spending at $1.029 trillion and consolidates the six existing income tax brackets into two.


Congressman Paul Ryan published three videos in April 2011 on The Path to Prosperity. America’s Two FuturesSaving Medicare, Visualized, and Three Steps to Pro Growth Tax Reform.



Now a story written by Ms. Ms. Margarita Mercure Hibbs: Danny And The Ryan Plan…..


Danny is 44 years old, Downs Syndrome, brittle diabetic with Celiac Disease, speech impediment or stutter and about the emotional age of 5 or so.  Danny has two little angels that live in his two index fingers; Marcus is in his right and Mikey is in his left. They have been with him since he was a small child and have helped him cope through a difficult and confusing life.  Psychiatrists would call his angels, alternate personalities.


To me, Danny is a sweet and loving angel with complete memory recall about every person he has ever met, but he also has stubborn and lazy tendencies. Danny’s parents died years ago and Aunt Clara, in her 80’s decided that it was time for someone younger to take over Danny’s guardianship.  I am Danny’s legal guardian and advocate.


On a Tuesday morning at 6:30am, I got a call from Danny’s home and caregiver, Vanessa, or Molly as Danny calls her and she told me she was with Danny in the Emergency Room of Presbyterian Hospital, in Albuquerque, NM.  It was yet another upper respiratory infection and this time severe pneumonia and sepsis.  Sepsis is essentially an infection in the blood.  These two things brought Danny to the hospital, but unfortunately, as things unfolded, his health issues grew more and more complicated with each passing day.  It was an adventure to say the very least. (Note to everyone; I am not a medical person.  I am just a simple woman who loves Danny and Danny loves me back.)


I met Danny when I married my husband Marty, his older cousin, who he calls Uncle Marty.  I am a singer and Danny fell for me as his special friend because of the music.  His favorite songs vary with the person or people he is with, but his favorites with me are Moon River, Nature Boy and Bye Bye Blackbird. Moon River because he loves any song with his favorite word Moon in the lyrics.


Nature Boy because he told me once that he is my “Magic Boy” with a beaming smile that always makes me tear up at the memory of that moment.  Bye Bye Blackbird is simply because its rhythm and words are simple and comforting to him and on some level, he relates to the words; “Where somebody waits for me, sugar sweet, so is he…Bye Bye Blackbird.”  During this most recent visit to the hospital, nearly 3 weeks, these songs proved to be more important than ever before.


When I left to the hospital a few hours after receiving the call, I left with only my cell phone and no laptop, thinking that I would have someone bring it to me later.  Later when I was asked if I wanted one, I replied, “Yes I want one, but I cannot divert my attention away from Danny.”  It was clear that Danny would demand all of my attention, imagination and patience.  As my time in the hospital unfolded, it was clear that I had much to learn about Danny’s issues, his recovery and myself.


I am grateful for the experience, even if I am sometimes disappointed by other people’s lack of understanding. Even now, the follow up appointments involve helping Danny process the many changes and adjustments to his life that we never imagined, like a gastric feeding tube.  Danny is a foodie and this has been a painful and difficult transition for him.


As I struggle to catch up on all the writing and work that I should have done during that 3 weeks, I feel resolute in the knowledge that I was where I was supposed to be. The timing of my life with Danny as his guardian and advocate was good and the lessons were many.  Somehow, I  managed to raise a loving and supportive human being in my youngest child Matthew. Over the course of the 3 weeks, I came to see that in the hurry of living and working and doing, all four of my children are incredible human beings and that “Lo and behold” I had done a good job as a mother.  I am not certain why I am so shocked at this. This is the goal of any mother, right? It was because of my intense experience with my Danny that I came to realize all these blessings, in ways that I might never have otherwise.



So why did I call this story “Danny and the Ryan Plan”? 


Well, it is very simple.  Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin wrote up a Budget Plan that is called the Road to Prosperity Budget Plan.  We all call it the Ryan Republican Plan and with all but 3 Republicans, it passed in the House with a majority on April 15th.  Luckily, it failed in the Senate.  The plan, while praised by the Right Wing Pundits for being courageous and brave, is heartless and hard and by the way, hated by most of the people that cared for Danny during his 3 weeks in the hospital, including me. You see, Danny is covered by Medicare A, B and C and Medicaid and Social Security.  Without these four components, Danny could not survive.  The Ryan Republican Plan wants to drastically change Medicare into a Policy Support Voucher System, cut Medicaid by nearly a third and privatize Social Security.



This plan, if successful will hurt every disabled person in America, not to mention the elderly.


Danny’s caregivers were evenly split politically; 50% Democrat, 40% Republican and 10% Independent.  All have dedicated their lives to caring for others as Doctors, Nurses, Nurse’s Techs, Radiologists, Physical and Speech Specialists and Therapists of every area you could imagine.  In all the 3 weeks that I was there, there was only 1 person in the mix that had no opinion. In general, my respect and love for the medical profession has grown.  Danny’s nurses and techs were more than nurses and techs, they were Angels, so much so that I cry at the memory of their kindness, dedication and patience.


There was one 27 year old Republican Nurse that told me while helping me bathe Danny after a messy accident in his bed, that she was so ashamed of her party’s leadership in Washington over the issues of healthcare.  She was not sure that she could continue to remain a Republican if they continued in their push to mend the deficit at the expense of the most vulnerable in our society.


After finishing the arduous task of bathing and changing the bedding, Danny grasped one of Jean’s hands and one of mine and kissed each one and said in his halting speech, “Know what Jean? Know what Myaita? I love you!”  While Jean and I hugged each other with tears in our eyes, Danny smiled broadly and kissed Jean’s hand again and said to me, “Don’t cry Myaita.”



Now a word about why I try to explain Danny as I did in the first paragraph of this article; often, people are afraid of special souls like Danny.  As his advocate, there is nothing more painful than watching normal people react in fear or horror at Danny smiling broadly, extending his hand to shake theirs, while saying “Hi Lo! Your name is? My name is Dan Man!”  So imagine my frustration at a segment of our political world that refuses to see the treasure and worth of all our disabled and special souls everywhere.  Ugliness does not reside only in one party alone, although Ryan and his cohorts are the carriers of this most recent effort of indifference, I have to say that “Lip Service Regard” on the part of others from all sides, is no better.  


What I am most concerned about is the social slide to dismiss the poor and physically vulnerable and “defective” in our society as expendable.  After all, there are few lobbyists in Washington on their behalf.  As I write this I feel a mixture of anger, fear and grief as I give voice to these realities, but I feel that I must. If we don’t speak up as decent people, we allow legislators like the man in New Hampshire who said “People with disabilities should be removed from society.” to continue as if it is perfectly acceptable to sweep people away for being defective in some way.  The media does not appear to be championing these outrages.


As Danny’s advocate, it is not hard to imagine the worst from our society, or the possibility that money and profits are more important that human decency.  Solutions like that adopted by the Nazis could be mimicked in bits and pieces by simply not funding services and programs.  Inadequate or absent healthcare is really extermination on the installment plan and there is a dangerous pattern in this, if this continues.  Decent and compassionate healthcare for all is not a Right or Left issue, it is a Right or Wrong issue.  Please reach out to each other and overcome this nasty divide that the profiteers, media pundits and wrong minded politicians are deliberately creating in our country and speak up. 




Ezra Klein’s WongBlog, The Washington Post



Center on Budget and Policy Priorities



This article also published at Progressive Democrats of America Blog Site, May 21, 2011:



This about say it all on exactly how The TeaTardedRepubliCANT Pseudo-Freudian Psycho-Sexual  Secret-Whore Pro-caucasian Pro-Racist Anti-LGBT Anti-Feminist  Reich Wing GOPretender Conselfishservative NRA-Gun Loving Nut Bag racist caucasian Party will deal with Americans who need health care.
















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  1. I’d say you about covered it all! This from the so-called “Pro-Life” (which is stupidity in it self) This so called plan surely makes selection on Pro-Life doesn’t it? I mean this plan is saying some should live if the fit in the plan and others, well they can just die or whatever! This is the most Do No Good, Corrupt and Heartless GOP I have ever known! I do pray that everyone who gives a damn is truly working towards big changes for 2014! This could get worst than this 112th GOP if we are not working smart now for every seat and election to come! We better be selective and prepared to fill even the seat of Dog-Caughter if one comes available. That’s just how bad it is and again it can get worst people!

    Great piece Mr Hack. Love that you keep showing up on all the points!


    • Hey Ms. Shelley, good to see you. Maybe when you get 3 seconds, you can catch me up on what’s going on with you? See you Carrots….;-)


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