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  1. THANK YOU JUESEPPI for re-blogging this. I am in your debt for many reasons but you just ROCK!!! I live in New Jersey with the effects of Hurricane Sandy, a crazy Governor who never struggled to pay a heating bill in his life, and poor because I work in Education. However, I can look at your blog and feel like “someone” is fighting for me. Lots of love, Emily


    • Ms. Emily, you have made my day with such kind supportive words. Thank you so much, and I know what you mean about struggling to make it through the month. We all are working to help each other. Lots of love right back, Ms. Emily. 😉


  2. This is a very true and correct statement … “A powerful warrior knows how to subdue an enemy without ever toughing them” … using mind control as a powerful force … believing in his/her ability to prevail … I love the way you think and I see a warrior in you … and winner can never lose … But … The greatest thing about a very determined warrior is not about how many battle he/she can win in life … since .. We sometimes face countless battles without recognition ,,, But the best thing is “knowing when to fight … and .. how to escape the battle whether you win or lose” … A warrior is always a winner by adhering to this simple rules …


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