Great Post Ms. Elyse…very informative. Thank you.


When I wrote a post on the night of the shootings about the fact that members my family grew up in Newtown and went to Sandy Hook Elementary School, I was touched by the comments of most of you.

One commenter I’d never heard from before, took the opportunity to make my comments section into her platform for how very safe she feels because she packs a gun.  I tolerated her for as long as I could, mostly trying not to vomit at the comments.  She berated me for my opinions, telling me in bad grammar that I was ignorant.

I am not ignorant.  I have done the research.  I even put some of it into the comments that she found so ignorant.  Here’s the post, although the comments, which were mostly answered in those damn Word Press bubbles, do not appear in the order they were received.  And since…

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  1. This guy has got more than fifty guns. He is so belligerent he can’t carry on a rational conversation, even on national television, when he is supposed to be on good behavior. He can’t even carry on an irrational conversation. He was just attacking that poor guy like an insane paranoid person who can’t follow a rational thought or answer a simple question. And he is their SPOKESPERSON?


    • More importantly, he has weapons in his possession. Thats the irrational part of this whole gun argument, this racist caucasian asshole has HANDGUNS AND ASSAULT WEAPONS. What exactly separates him from any mass murderer??


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