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America continues to grapple with senseless mass-shootings perpetrated by the results of outdated gun laws that are not pertinent in today’s realization of civilization. An individual, whether evil,borderline sociopathic, or completely bat-shit crazy, has an easy time purchasing, not only a small handgun, but also weapons that have no place outside of the hands of law-enforcement…or the military. What’s the sense of being forced to piss in a cup, and pass a background check in order to flip burgers full of ‘pink slime’, when all that is required to purchase grenades, and AK-47‘s, is internet access.? 

Innocent souls continue to be buried in our country because the N.R.A. and its numerous monetarily motivated sympathizers/leeches are more concerned with greed and profit than they are the sanctity of preserving human life. As blood continues to coagulate on both our city, and suburban streets, these mostly right-winged, hell-raising hooligans continue to refer…

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  1. See how things are turning around within the last 24 hours … Ask your advisors to read the crystal ball to tell you what’s up next … During the supreme court ruling my angel and i didn’t sleep for 3 nights … And last night too … After .. some bad news …


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