Mr. Daryl….you are the MAN. Thank you for using logic, critical thinking & common sense with this post!! Thank you.



There are many times that pictures can speak a thousand words. I wonder how many of the 2nd amendment nut- jobs would advocate the same idea of the “right to bear arms” in ALL situations.? Would it have been appropriate for these so-called negroes/colored folk to turn around and blast one of these rabidly racist peckerwoods into meeting their displeased maker? If you really follow their hollow rationale, then you would believe it too be acceptable to have the right to defend yourself against not only the government, but terrorists that wore white robes and burned down black churches, and homes, in the name of nothing but pure unadulterated hatred. How many times has any single, narrow-minded, prejudiced good-ole- boy, neanderthal had to defend himself against tyranny from our government in the last 200+ years? Compare that answer to the countless acts of continued violence that Black…

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  1. Interesting twist. To my mind, what made the made the Civil Rights Activists special, was that they didn’t rely on violence. That kind of rare courage also made them victorious.


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