Very good out come for a home grown domestic terrorist group. THIS, RIGHT HERE, IS WHY AMERICANS DO NOT NEED HANDGUNS OR ASSAULT WEAPONS.

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FBI Informant Who Blew the Cover on a Murderous Right-Wing Domestic Terror Group Speaks Out

Several members of the Alaska Peacemaker Militia were sentenced this week.

January 11, 2013

“We have a plan: We’re going to go to the houses of local cops and burn the houses down with the cops and their families inside,” Schaeffer Cox reportedly said in August 2010, months before he would be arrested for plotting to kidnap and kill federal officials — and just a few years before he would be convicted and sentenced to almost 26 years in prison.

Cox’s sentence came down earlier this week, as part of the trial of Alaska Peacemaker Militia members, a right-wing group that was plotting to stockpile illegal weapons and take violent action against the government.

When Cox spoke of his plan in 2010, it was to Bill Fulton, an Army veteran and the owner of DropZone…

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  1. Once again dumbasses like yourself, Curtis, can’t see the forest for all your guns blocking the view. I’ll make this simple for your tiny brain: When the day should ever arise that you read the 2nd amendment, and are able to comprehend the 2nd amendment, and fully understand that the 2nd amendment was written to include your right to bear the arms of THAT TIME PERIOD, which were flintlock pistols and black powder muskets, and NOT 300 round drums, assault weapons, handguns that fire rounds per seconds with magazine clips capable of holding 17 rounds…..when that day comes to you, then we can have a conversation….until that day, your dumbass comments, which are too long and filled with too much stupidity, will be directly deposited into the trash.

    Which is where they belong.

    OR…when you have a son, daughter, lover, wife, mom, sister and so on…..cut in half by an assault weapon, or have their spleen destroyed by a handgun…..then return with your opinions. Have a nice fuckin Sunday you idiot. 😆


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