Castration is the ONLY punishment for rape. Thank you Daryl for this post.



Police: 7 men gang rape bus passenger in India – CNN.com.

Unfortunately, women all over our great planet, experience on a daily basis, the direct result of exponential male ignorance…and ambivalence . Granted, most of us, have nothing but the utmost respect for our beautiful, god-given, counterparts. We were given life, and unconditional love from our mothers. The wiped our shitty asses, helped us blow our snot-filled noses, and most importantly, ALWAYS had our back(s)…no matter what circumstance. Most of us had/have sisters, daughters, cousins, grandmothers, friends, and aunts, who had/have an integral part in defining us as men. Looking at the female-hating filth, in the above picture, makes me sick to my stomach!!!

These ravenous scoundrels deserve death by hanging for the atrocity they have bestowed upon this woman. They probably follow the  magniloquent meanderings of maniacs like Todd Akin, a Republican sleezebag,  who believes women have…

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  1. Thanks JB … I am grateful .. You gave me all my favorite old school music … Giggling … You just gave me “overdose” of what i love the most … Just to let you know … Music makes makes me high and happy … Thanks a billion … I owe you one …


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