“Where’s the logic in this sort of thing.”…….well here in lies the rub…..logic is absent from the NRA thinking. Great post Ms. Kstreet607.

The Fifth Column

Unbelievable.  Where’s the logic in this sort of thing, given what happened a month ago?


Here is some free PR advice for the National Rifle Association: Now is not the time to release a target practice iOS app—especially one intended for kids. According to the NRA, the app is intended for children as young as age four.

In Target Practice you can choose to test your skills in an indoor or outdoor range or opt to shoot skeet. You get to pick your weapon, and you can pony up $1 to unlock better (more powerful) guns. For example, in the outdoor range your default is an M16, but you can upgrade to an AK47 or an MK11 if you pay. It’s really just a point-and-shoot game, but the fact that it’s meant for kids is straight up stupid.

It would be a different story if the app were teaching…

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