I agree, Gov. Christie has become my favorite RepubliCANT. He speaks what he feels and feels what he speaks, with no regard for party politics. Thank you for this post Ms. Michelle.

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I’m really beginning to like this guy more and more every time I listen to him lately. I wish many other political leaders had the intergrity to speak what THEY think and not what they’re told and paid to think and say. 

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    • Well, he wants cash for Superstorm Sandy, and his Reich wingnut buddies ain’t so quick to help him out. That makes him look weak & bad in the minds of his constituents.


  1. I know what you all are saying and believe me, I’m against gun violence especially, against hate crimes and prejudice issues. SO that being said, I really can’t stand Christie. NOT because of this, because I live in New Jersey, and his regime has been awful to middle and lower class of New Jersey. I also work in Education and he has cut funding for schools and cut benefits for educators… all to give tax breaks to big businesses. Truly, not a Governor who knows what it is like to pay an Electric bill, buy groceries or try to put their children through college.
    Obama has given more to Education in his short term than Christie ever has!! Sorry, just telling you how I LIVE PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK EVERYDAY IN NEW JERSEY! Emily


    • I understand your words completely Ms. Emily, and you being a person who experiences Christie personally and up close face to face, I take your opinion over others who only see him on TV or in print….like me.

      It is a shame a wonderful person such as yourself has to struggle, especially while educating our American citizens. I am hoping and praying you will continue to survive and prosper and live well despite Chris Christie and his connection to big business.

      Thank you for a real look at Chris Christie. 😉


  2. It’s great that Christie is finally involving with the gun violence initiatives because in Atlantic City Steven Young, National Network and Al Sharpton was fighting against gun violence long before this initiatives. Christie didn’t care about those innocent children who died in Atlantic City due to gun violence but I guess it’s political because he want to seem favorable with the President’s support for votes. He was invited to speak about the gun violence in Atlantic City however he only cared about anything but Casino revenue. The State of New Jersey is a blue state and he raised up to 2 million dollars to ensure that he wins the election. Don’t be fooled by the schemes of politicians who is looking for a vote check their record, please.

    Look past the schemes and check the heart, Christie never came out for anything that don’t benefit him personally.I lived in New Jersey for 26 years, I never seen him help anyone except himself and reputation. Those victims from Sandy he had to assist for political reason, which I am glad and happy the residents is getting that support, they deserve the assistance. I question his integrity, some people can hide behind a mask.It will be great if he can learn to get along with the Mayor of Atlantic City, I mean the both of them needs to for the benefit of the people.


    • Ms. Emily Guido, who lives in New Jersey, has given me a new fresh perspective on chris christie…and he seems to be the scum bag I originally thought him to be. Thank you Ms. Mimi, for your view on Mr. christie.


    • Yes, you are correct. He is a politician second and a man who cares for & about his people first. I didn’t like him last year but he has grown up a bit while in office this past 8 months. He is a man I’d shoot a game of pool with. 😉

      So good to see you, enjoy a great Friday.


  3. I just cannot believe that the NRA can stoop to “the lowest end of a lower end” … I am truly sorry for their behavior attacking our *First daughter* … Knowing … The type of person that President Barack Obama is … He would not like me to *truly use the choices of words* that i have for the NRA … I simply cannot believe that the NRA can stoop to an horrible low …


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