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A Message From Barack’s House: Join The National Day Of Service

By Jueseppi B.






Join the National Day of Service


On Saturday, January 19, President Obama and the First Lady, the Vice President and Dr. Biden will take part in an event that’s become a tradition — a National Day of Service on the weekend of Martin Luther King Day to celebrate Dr. King‘s legacy.


No matter where you are in America, you have an opportunity to join this effort and serve your community. The Presidential Inaugural Committee has helped to organize events all over the country.



Visit their site to find a service opportunity near you.



This National Day of Service is about strengthening the communities that we call home, and that’s a goal that we can all share.


So on Saturday, take part in a food drive or help paint a school. Clean up a park or help make care packages for veterans.


There are many ways that all of us can make a difference in our communities and our neighborhoods. Find one here:


National Day Of Service


The President is looking forward to seeing you out there!


P.S. — The commitment to public service doesn’t end this weekend.


Find opportunities to help in your community year round, at




From policymic:


National Day of Service: Win a Foursquare Badge for Participating in an Inauguration 2013 Community Service Project!



By Jake Horowitz


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Jake Horowitz

As co-founder of PolicyMic, Jake is managing the writing and editing process and trying to spark thoughtful debate on important political issues.


Inauguration weekend in Washington, D.C. just got a bit more fun. The popular social networking site Foursquare has announced a partnership with the Presidential Inauguration Committee to release a badge to reward volunteerism in conjunction with the National Day of Service on Saturday.


Foursquare’s limited edition Inaugural Service badge will recognize Americans for serving in their communities on January 19, the Saturday before the ceremonial swearing-in ceremony on Monday. Users will be able to unlock the badge by participating in National Day of Service events, which are taking place in all 50 states, or by taking part in the Service Summit on the National Mall.


The National Day of Service Summit will take place on the National Mall on Saturday, starting at 9:30 AM EST. On Saturday the President, Vice President, and their families will participate in service events in Washington DC. The President has also issued a call for Americans in all 50 states to participate in service projects over the weekend to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


“We are excited to work with Foursquare to find innovative new ways to encourage all Americans to commit to ongoing service,” said inaugural head Steve Kerrigan. “Americans across the country are rolling up their sleeves and getting involved to celebrate this historic Inauguration and honor the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.”


Foursquare’s CEO Dennis Crowley said he is excited to participate in the partnership. “At Foursquare, we were so inspired by the idea of a lifelong commitment that we created the first Foursquare badge to reward volunteerism. Along with the Presidential Inaugural Committee, we encourage all Americans to get out and serve in their own communities to celebrate the inauguration of President Obama and the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”


Here’s a sneak peek of the badge:







Complete article can be found at PolicyMic.























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  1. The president looks refreshed and reinvigorated. That campaign really took it out of him. Glad to see he has his “Mojo” back, as the kids might say….

    I’ve been getting emails from the administration, presumably as a result of being on the mailing list of contributors. It will be interesting to see how they leverage that database to build grassroots support for policy initiatives. They talked about doing that in 2009, but from what I heard they let it slide. Looks like they intend to use it this time.

    Have a great weekend, Mr. Jueseppi.


    • Afternoon Mr. Publius, always good to hear from you. You enjoy a good safe fun weekend as well. It seems to be kinda Indian summer like in parts of the U.S. today. I’ll be watching the big Inaugural weekend.

      Thank you so much for your support, I appreciate you taking time to hang with me. 😉


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