Very good follow up to your first post on this stupid subject. Thank you.

The Fifth Column

Your comprehensive answer to every Sandy Hook conspiracy theory

Now that I’ve posted an article on the growing Sandy Hook Conspiracy theory, I found  myself looking for more information on the craziness of this phenomena.

(Note: This sort of thing might offend many people.  Please feel free to move on to another topic on this site or elsewhere.  I will most certainly understand.)

Salon has an article breaking down each alleged element of this so-called conspiracy as seen through the eyes of those who believe Sandy Hook never happened…


While it’s often best not to engage with conspiracy theorists on their own turf, as you can probably never convince them, it’s worth setting the record straight on all the myths and phony evidence surrounding the Sandy Hook massacre.

We’ve rounded up every major piece of evidence we could find that leads theorists to say the “official narrative” of events “doesn’t add up” and provided the facts that show…

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  1. Thank you for sharing this Jueseppi, and for being my favourite direct source for GOOD news about our President! I try to be a “bridge” between people with different points of view, but sometimes things like the sandy hook being actors stuff just overwhelm my coping skills;-/

    I understand questioning the official take on things, since the mainstream media is owned by about 4 corporations;-/ but being disrespectful and plain mean to people who have lost their children is just awful.

    I love being connected to blogs like yours,cadesertvoice and Serenity Spell, you guys always brighten my day!;-)


    • That is a huge compliment coming from you Ms. ohnwentsya. Yes, you are correct in thinking that out government must be questioned from time to time, and you are also correct in saying that conspiracy theorist are a blight on society to dirty the memories of the 27 killed by Adam Lanza on December 14th, 2012.

      I am honored you come to see me here. Thank you. 😯


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