Great recipe from Ms Summer The Low Fat…

Great recipe from Ms. Summer, The Low Fat Chick. I am cooking this on Friday!!!

The Low Fat Chick

Veal Meatballs and Pasta 1-22-2013

COLD, COLD, COLD! It is 16 degrees here in the New York area. I moved here last year and the news says this is the coldest weather in 3 years! Lucky me!  Anyway, with this cold weather I am locked inside and feeling creative, so I developed this dish. I never made veal meatballs, but am so glad I tried it because the meatballs are tender and taste amazing. Cooking the meatballs directly in the sauce imparts wonderful flavor and tenderness. No need to cook the meatballs first and create more work for yourself.  Also, using quality dried spices, instead of fresh (which is hard to find in the winter) come to life in this sauce and are convenient. Excellent warm, filling dish, as I found it tasty and perfect to share with others.


1 lb ground veal (shoulder)
1 cup plain bread crumbs
2 egg whites

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  1. As political leader, General Powell is a lot like U.S. Grant. Sometimes fine military commanders make good politicians, depending on the times and the conditions. But often times they make lousy politicians for the very same reasons they were excellent Generals.

    General Powell, like General Grant before him, expects people to do the right thing. That expectation can build unit cohesion in the military, but it is a liability in politics. Had he been elected president, which was a real possibility if he had run in 2000… Powell would have been better than Dubya… but not by much. And we are talking a low bar here.

    Grant’s legacy as a superb commander was deeply tarnished, even forgotten as a result of his flawed presidency. Powell avoided that fate. His legacy as a commander remains intact.


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