Thank you Ms. Barbara for this post. We must save our children.



Faces of the children at Sandy Hook School murdered by one lone kid.

So, the theory I am hearing over and over is that a gun is needed in the home for protection. Our society has degenerated to being more hate and violence than love and compassion. And especially when you have children you want to protect them. We lose children to accidents in the home every year. Accidental poisoning, dog bites, bullying, molestation, and abuse.

I believe that most people who have a gun say they are “for protection.” I understand the need to try and keep the violence away. In a home with children, the gun or guns are locked up in a closet or in a drawer in the nightstand. Heaven help us there are none loaded and under a pillow. Some people have multiple guns in the home. Some are revolvers and some are assault guns…

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    • Ms. Barbara is magical with her truthful inspirational post. I am thankful she is on the side of common sense and love. Have a wonderful Sunday Ms. Valentine.


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