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Anti Gun March On Washington

By Jueseppi B.








Friends of Chase Kowalski, one of the children killed in the Dec. 14 school shooting in Newtown, Conn., take part in the March on Washington for Gun Control on Saturday.  Yuri Gripas, AFP/Getty Images.




A woman holds a sign protesting assault weapons Saturday at the March on Washington for Gun Control.  Yuri Gripas, AFP/Getty Images.




Protesters calling for gun control walk from the U.S. Capitol to the Washington Monument.  Susan Walsh, AP.




A woman holds a banner that reportedly shows how many people have died in shootings in America in the 31 days since the Newtown, Conn., shooting.  Yuri Gripas, AFP/Getty Images.




People hold signs calling for gun control as they walk from the U.S. Capitol to the Washington Monument.  Susan Walsh, A.




A boy holds an anti-gun sign during the March on Washington for Gun Control.  Yuri Gripas, AFP/Getty Images.




From Yahoo News:


Thousands march for gun control in Washington


By BRETT ZONGKER | Associated Press


WASHINGTON (AP) — Thousands of people, many holding signs with names of gun violence victims and messages such as “Ban Assault Weapons Now,” joined a rally for gun control on Saturday, marching from the Capitol to the Washington Monument.


Leading the crowd were marchers with “We Are Sandy Hook” signs, paying tribute to victims of the December school shooting in Newtown, Conn.Washington Mayor Vincent Gray and other city officials marched alongside them. The crowd stretched for at least two blocks along Constitution Avenue.


Participants held signs reading “Gun Control Now,” ”Stop NRA” and “What Would Jesus Pack?” among other messages. Other signs were simple and white, with the names of victims of gun violence.


About 100 residents from Newtown, where a gunman killed 20 first-graders and six teachers, traveled to Washington together, organizers said.


Participant Kara Baekey from nearby Norwalk, Conn., said that when she heard about the Newtown shooting, she immediately thought of her two young children. She said she decided she must take action, and that’s why she traveled to Washington for the march.


“I wanted to make sure this never happens at my kids’ school or any other school,” Baekey said. “It just can’t happen again.”


Read the rest of the story at Yahoo News.




From The Independent:


Residents from Newtown, Connecticut, were expected at the march in the wake of Sandy Hook massacre



Thousands marched through Washington, D.C. today in a rally for stricter gun controls in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre.


Walking from Capitol Hill to the Washington Monument, demonstrators waved placards with pictures of shooting victims and slogans like, “Protect children, not guns.”


Police blocked off half of the road for the crowd, which was led by Washington Mayor Vincent Gray.


About 100 residents were expected from Newtown, Connecticut, where a gunman killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School last month. The rally was organized in response to that shooting.


Speakers at the Washington Monument called for a ban on military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines.


The entire piece can be read at The Independent.











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  1. When I was 14, I asked the man who taught me more about shooting and self defense than anyone outside of the military, why he never carried his piece. He more or less imparted the following three concepts to me:

    1) In a random confrontation with firearms, the man with the least to lose will likely be the first to pull the trigger.

    2) Be man enough to take an ass-whupping rather than shoot a man to avoid that whupping.

    3) The best defensive weapon available to anybody is the ability to spot trouble before trouble spots you. Acquire and qualify the target before you pick up the weapon, and you will probably never need to pick up the weapon.

    Those concepts have always stayed with me. And to this day, I have never carried a piece in the civilian world. In my youth I ventured into some tight spots, and been in places I should have avoided… even stared into the business end of a Colt Python in the parking lot of a place called Whiskey Bill’s. I knew it was a Python because I examined it before I returned it, unloaded, to it’s owner. My choices were not always wise, but in all my years and less than noble youth, I never needed lethal force to resolve a situation. Some of it is dumb luck, but most of it is about not being dumb.

    Just sayin….


    • And you “just said” it as simply and as vitally important as anyone I have ever known. Thank you for this and I shall be sharing this right now.


  2. I am definitely for gun control. I recently just found out that if you purchase a gun at a gun show, that you pretty much walk away with one. How scary is that! And millions are made at these gun shows. If someone is going to come into any organization with the intent of harming someone and they have a gun, there is nothing that anyone can do at that point. Very scary.


    • Yes, gun shows are never regulated or monitored. Felons, and criminals have free access to weapons, including body armour and high capacity magazines, at gun shows. The NRAssholes have set up many venues for guns and other instruments of death to get into the hands of killers.


      • Oh get a fucking life. NRA-assholes? How you Anti-American Assholes that are willing to turn over this country to the socialists? You don’t want guns on the street move to England where the murder and violence rate is out of control. If guns are taken away from the law abiding citizens, only the criminals will have guns. People like you make me physically ill.


  3. I shared thanks for sharing …

    On Sat, Jan 26, 2013 at 3:39 PM, “The ObamaCrat.Com” wrote:

    > ** > Jueseppi B. posted: “By Jueseppi B. Friends of Chase > Kowalski, one of the children killed in the Dec. 14 school shooting in > Newtown, Conn., take part in the March on Washington for Gun Control on > Saturday. Yuri Gri”


  4. Iam happy to see Americans stand up for gun control.The NRA group should take heed to the voice of the people but they are too ignorant to get it.


    • Too much money is at stake, Ms. Kimbrough. Billions are made each year by armament manufacturers. There will be much more bloodshed before real gun law change is forthcoming.


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