I want to see this dumbasses birth certificate because she looks foreign and she talks funny.


Go figure!!! Michelle Malkin is on the opposite side of sanity-once again. The link above, shows this consistently irritating, ultra-right-winged twit-waxing yet another illogical, philosophical viewpoint. Of course, this insultingly ignorant discussion is with Faux News’ bat-shit crazy, Sean “Lack of Sanity” Hannity

This non-indigenous, direct result of immigration-is irrepressible, in spewing forth her theories about the number of bullets allowed in magazine clips, as well as accusing President Obama of  intentionally using children as props to help bring about needed common sense gun law reform. Malkin, when it’s all said, and done, will be one of the morons responsible for the permanent destruction of her beloved, beyond rational, party full of  sociopathic sludge. Her lips, are on borrowed time, after all of the hypocritical hyperbole that they have blown in the direction of The Obama Administration…and Democrats in general. The day will come soon-when she will be relegated…

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  1. Giggling … I will rather show you mine … but .. not the certificate … And you are right too … I can out a ring around the vessels like a pacifier … Just keep me posted …


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