This is an amazing fact….”There are more Black men in prisons today than there were slaves in 1850!”.

Thank you ever so much The Fifth Column, for this informative post.

The Fifth Column

I’ve often wondered how the over abundance of illegal handguns always seem to find it’s way into inner city neighborhoods.   Do poor Black kids really have that much clout or are some mysterious, nefarious benefactors “gifting” them (for a hefty price) with the hand guns and other automatic weapons used to kill tens of thousands of Black youth every year?

Without sounding  too much like a conspiracy theorist, lets just say that there might be some interested “high-end” groups that have an interest in Black on Black crime and the results, whether its lessening the Black male population (and many young females as well) in the ghettos or wanting to see arrests and convictions to fill the “for-profit” jails that have popped up all over the country.

Oh, by the way, keep in mind that a prisoner has no rights,  None what so ever,  So essentially, those thoughtless young…

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