Very informative interview, I am honored to provide you readers with a link to Ms. Ruth Jacobs and her tireless work to uncover human trafficking. Please visit her blog….http://ruthjacobs.co.uk

Ruth Jacobs

The No Project

What inspired you to support the movement against slavery and exploitation?

About twelve years ago, I happened to read an article in a Sunday paper, which described a young woman, eighteen years old, who had hung herself in a toilet using her own stockings. She was a young foreign woman – a girl really – being used for commercial sexual exploitation in a city in northern Greece. That article pretty much changed my life – kudos to the power of journalism. More than likely she had left her country thinking she would have a better life elsewhere. This better life resulted in her death in some toilet in a foreign land. That is no way to die. She had been trafficked.

Can you tell me about your organisation?

The NO Project is a global anti-slavery public awareness initiative that focuses on the role of demand and specifically targets youth awareness through…

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