Thank you Ms. Barbara for your continued post concerning Violence Against Women. We never need to forget.


I am aware that in some parts of America and in many other countries, Domestic Violence continues. As I mentioned in my last blog on abuse, about 5% of the violence occurs against men. Whether the victim is a man, a woman, or a child violence in the home is a crime. It is not a “a family matter.” It happens in every village, city, state and country. Domestic Violence spans all social-economic levels. Your pastor may be an abuser (male or female), the bartender at the corner pub, scientists, teachers, janitors, students, Senators, CEO’s, real estate agents, IRS agents.The list of possible abusers is unending.  Domestic Violence is everywhere in our society.

In the past, it was “the Silent Scream.”  Abusers were protected because if the abuse happened in the home, it was no one else’s business. Millions of American women have screamed in terror and horror in their…

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    • Good evening Ms. Judy, so good to see you.😀

      Yes, we must never forget and we must make the Houses Of Congress pass The Violence Against Women Act.


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