Bad News

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell Opposes Gun Reform

By Jueseppi B.






Our TV ad holding Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell accountable for opposing strong gun reform is making HUGE waves — with over 20 national and local news reports about our ad.


Mitch McConnell even released a frantic statement accusing us of being a big-money outside group. 


A local paper corrected the record: “They actually have raised over 2,000 contributions from their 7,000 members in Kentucky, averaging less than $15 per donation.”
 – “Rodney”


Published on Feb 5, 2013

Join the fight:





Nationally, the ad’s been covered by CNN, The Washington Post, ABC, CBS, Roll Call, Yahoo News, TPM, Huffington Post, and others.



(I’ll be on MSNBC‘s Ed Show tonight around 8:50pm Eastern — so make sure to watch!)



In Kentucky, the Louisville Courier Journal, local NBC, local FOX, The Leo Weekly, the Associated Press, and others covered it.


82% of Kentuckians support criminal background checks for gun purchases, but McConnell is siding with the gun interests that spent $198,615 to elect him.



Thanks for being a bold progressive.



— Adam Green, Stephanie Taylor, Amanda Johnson, Karissa Gerhke, Matt Wall, and the PCCC team


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  1. With 92% of Americans for gun control, McShooter has shot himself in the foot. We will get gun control without his blessing, and he will go down in 2014. Thanks, Mr. J.B.

    BTW, I had no problem getting on your page today! Wheeee!


  2. This man opposes everything.I wish he and his negative cohorts would just go away.His negativity draws too much attention and he loves it.


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