Bad News

Stop The Violence: Tell House RepubliCANTS Get Off Their Asses And Get To Work

By Jueseppi B.






No woman should live in fear that an abusive spouse will harm her or her children.


The Violence Against Women Act means that battered women have shelter. That sexual assault victims have an emergency hotline to call. And that rape survivors have lawyers.


But tomorrow, Republicans in Congress could again refuse to reauthorize funding for the Violence Against Women Act. If we don’t stand up to them, battered women across the country could be turned out on the streets without protection.



This is too important an issue to back down. Tell House Republicans that abused women need somewhere to turn! Demand that they abandon their War on Women and fund the Violence Against Women Act.


We can’t turn our backs on battered women in this country. If we lose the Violence Against Women Act, we will lose lives. That’s why VAWA has been passed unanimously for eighteen years.


Demand action from House Republicans now! Tell them to reverse their stance and support the Violence Against Women Act immediately.




Not sure what the Violence Against Women Act actually is……



The Violence Against Women Act: Get It Done Congress



Read it and get informed. If you didn’t know… you know.
















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  1. I totally agree with you. For too long, all over the world, violence against women has been accepted as ‘normal’. At last something is being done in several countries. But like everything it needs funds, and those who control the purse-strings should ask themselves what is there that’s more important than that half the adult population and their children should live in safety.


    • It’s a very strange Congress we have in session during POTUS Obama’s two terms. It is not interested in passing legislation or improving government, only in obstructing and hurting whomever The President chooses to help.


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