Drones are also responsible for me gaining 4 pounds over winter.

Idiots who think drones are to blame for one civilian death more than any conventional bombing device are just that, idiots. Bombs dropped from just one legitimate bomber will kill more innocents than all drone bombings combined.

Idiots truly amaze me.

Mashed Potato Bulletin

predator droneThe rumor mill received an injection of new fuel after the release of Department of Justice memo outlining the Obama Administration’s legal justifications for drone attacks on American citizens. This led to worries about their use over U.S. soil and renewing big brother-esque speculative predictions for what will come. The privacy of which all Americans are entitled is on the verge of collapse. But is it? How valid is this path of logic that begins with this memo and leads to the sacrifice of personal privacy?

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  1. I am laughing … They are just ignorant and hateful of anything that Potus Obama does to keep our nation save … Even … when he killed Bin Laden … They were still complaining … I don’t know what this specially chosen President can do to please a mad individual … who cannot comprehend the justification for the due process of our law …


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