My favorite beef dish of all time is Beef Bourguignon. Don’t like beets much but I might try this. Thank you Stash.

The Spamwise Chronicles

To cooks worldwide, she is known by her first name, Julia. She needs no introduction, as without her, much of what we take for granted (food-wise) would probably be very different in the U.S. and the world today.

Things are very different now compared to 1963 when Julia Child first came on to the scene. Today, we have a universe of different diets, from veganism, to raw-foodism, to gluten-free, to juice cleansing. Back then, Americans were experiencing an epiphany in French culture, the result of which led to a dramatic rise in interest in cooking and eating, travel and hospitality, not only in this country but abroad as well.

While Julia is best known for introducing the world of French cuisine to her fellow Americans, as well as succeeding generations, she is also responsible for opening our eyes to the world of the possible. One of…

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