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predator drone firing missileAs the debate over the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), or drones, as a weapon against terrorism and domestically by public agencies, a new poll conducted by the Pew Research Center found a majority of Americans support the program overall. There is concern over civilian casualties associated with these strikes, as there should be. All possible attempts should be made to avoid civilian deaths but it is worthy of note that since 2009 the rate of civilian deaths has dropped significantly. This reduction was…

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  1. I support them too, in the case of war. Anything that protects our troops while achieving national security goals, seems like a good thing. I particularly don’t want them to be used on American soil, though. Too creepy… It would be the worst kind of Science Fiction Police State, come to fruition! Of course, “national security goals” is a big grey area, and giving the government power to use in one situation but not another, places them directly on the slippery slope, so maybe I am wrong. But, that is where I stand on the issue at the moment.


    • I trust THIS POTUS to use them correctly. I won’t worry about other POTUS until that time which it becomes an issue. Life’s way too short to worry bout shit not yet a reality.😉


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