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The ObamaCrat.Com™ Soapbox: You Might Be A Dumbass If……..

By Jueseppi B.


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Let me say first off, if you are easily offended, you’re on the wrong blog.


Let me say second off…..if this offends you… might be a dumbass.



You Might Be A Dumbass If…….you invite a douchebag such as Ted Nugent, to The President’s State Of The Union Address, thinking some good will result from a low class drugged out washed up has been moron attempting to follow along as a highly educated, diplomatic politician speaks. Maybe Ted will shout out dumb shit, as is his norm, and get escorted from the Chamber by Capital Hill Police, in handcuffs, leg irons and that famous “Silence Of The Lambs” mask.



You Might Be A Dumbass If…….you somehow have talked your twisted mind into believing that Christopher Jordan Dorner is some do gooder, Robin Hood type, fighter against discrimination in the LAPD. Dorner is a mass murderer, a fool on the loose with weapons of mass destruction, a sick twisted individual. I see many misguided idiots who say his methods may be wrong but they understand his actions. Will you understand his action and his methods when he slaughters YOUR family member, loved one or close friend… further his cause against the LAPD?



You Might Be A Dumbass If…….you believe drone usage by President Barack Hussein Obama is something new. Drones were first used in war time activities during the year 2001, by that POTUS, who happened to be caucasian. Drones have been used by every sitting President since 2001. So why has drone usage become such a big blown up fake ass issue now? Could it be that we have a Black American POTUS doing what the past caucasian POTUS have done….and it bothers you?



You Might Be A Dumbass If…….you think more guns will solve the problem of more guns being too readily available to Americans. Let me repeat for the slow to comprehend: More guns, to combat more guns, is like fighting a war to achieve peace, or having sex to remain a virgin. It. Don’t. Work. If your objective is to make Americans more safe in their daily lives from gun violence, you don’t add more guns or arm more people.  Unless you believe the way to stop Rattlesnake bites and death from Rattlesnake bites…….is to add MORE Rattlesnakes to your life.



You Might Be A Dumbass If…….you think starting a petition to send to The President Of The United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama, full of suggestions and advice, is intelligent. This man is a Harvard graduate, a man who was President of The Harvard Law Review and is the single most diplomatic and concerned President I’ve observed in my lifetime. He has a staff of hundreds who advise him. Barack Hussein Obama makes decisions in one hour that you would never make in 12 lifetimes…..yet you believe he needs a petition from the likes of YOU, in order to govern? YOU, who can’t make a trip to the grocery store without a grocery list?



You Might Be A Dumbass If…….you voted for Lyin UnFitt Willard Mitt Romney, and still are a GOPretender.



You Might Be A Dumbass If…….you don’t believe in global warming.



You Might Be A Dumbass If…….you believe John McCain, Lindsey Graham and other racist caucasian politicians are really, actually concerned with Benghazi, or war or anything concerning America. These current clowns in Congress are just that…..clowns. They shred the U.S. Constitution as they see fit, obstructing government and this current President because this current President is Black. George Dubbya Bush had 57 embassy attacks under his Presidency, with hundreds of causalities. Do you remember any Senate Congressional Hearing? Dubbya Bush used drones exclusively during his 8 year reign of terror as POTUS. Ever hear of any public outcry? Me either.



You Might Be A Dumbass If…….you imagine John Kerry will be any type of decent Secretary Of State. The man has no backbone. Remember 2004’s swift-boat attacks against him? If he runs from a bunch of idiot RepubliCANTS….what will he do against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu?




You Might Be A Dumbass If…….you change just one of your views based on this post. If you strongly believe that your views are correct, and you stand on your opinions, then never change them based on facts or truths or common sense. Continue to believe as you do. Hell like the TeaTardedRepubliCANTS say….”we don’t need no stinking truth, facts, common sense of critical thinking in our party,….we have Faux Spews (Fox News)”.















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  1. Thank you for sharing some common sense in a way that makes me laugh-a wonderful counter to the seemingly endless font of nonsense posted with utter seriousness on the internet!

    I especially love your noting the drones have been in use *openly* since 2001-they are likely older still since military stuff is not declassified until they have something better(usually).

    I get so upset with people putting down President Obama for a lot of these things as he is President not God-King of America-he got elected to a position that comes with a lot of limitations as well as powers and no matter how smart, or good a man is, he can only do what is within his power to do.

    He told us when he was first elected that he could not do it all without US, and that as long as we have his back, as long as we get out and get vocal, protest, sign petitions etc making it plain to the balancing powers in government (and the powers we don’t see but that do have more influence than they should-he didn’t mention them, but I know he was aware of them even then!) then he can ACT for the people.

    When we got out there, he acted-like with Keystone XL. He has tried to close Guantanamo the whole time, but been blocked-I can’t see how it is a fault that he doesn’t follow the Bush Cheney doctrine of President has no limits-even if we would like what he does, HE is smart enough to know that cementing that precedent can’t be good for America.

    Sorry to rant on, it is just beautiful to be able to converse with people who KNOW what is going on and don’t blame our President for everything whether he has any control over said thing or not.

    I may be wrong but I personally believe that President Obama would stop the drones if he thought he could-he has often shown a full understanding of international political realities and an awareness that violence solves NOTHING and only increases problems.

    He has to base his choices not only on what is best in that instance tho, but also what the cost of action X in that instance will be in relation to actions y, z, a and b that he needs to take in regard to other things-and that is what the dumbasses are not taking into account, imho.


    • I agree with you 5000% on everything you said here. I voted for Barack Hussein Obama based on trust and feeling something about him in my soul. I voted for him to be President, and not so I could second guess his every move. As of this moment, I am not disappointed in him one sliver.

      I like the way you think.

      Thank you for your kind words of support.😎 😆 😯


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