The 2nd amendment is antiquated and outdated, but so is the entire U.S. Constitution. It’s a document written in 1791. This is 2013. What created in 1791 is applicable to 2013? Great blog post “Gun Control Now USA”.

Gun Control Now USA

  • ImageRecent mass shootings have put gun control on the national discussion agenda again but have not improved the quality of that discussion. Control enthusiasts propose laws which do nothing to decrease the number of guns already floating around the country. Nor do they deal with situations where weapons legally acquired are stolen or accessed by criminals or the mentally ill.

    Control opponents note that proposed laws will do little to cut down on mass shootings, but are even more adamantly opposed to stronger laws. And some argue that an armed population is necessary to prevent the development of a tyrannical government. If such a regime were to rise, in these folks’ view, people who have guns could rise up and overthrow it.

    Even if Congress were to enact reasonable new restrictions, there is a good chance that the courts would find that they violate the Second Amendment. We therefore might…

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